In a press release on June 7th, the California DMV announced that Operation Blue Zone had resulted in the arrest of San Francisco resident, Montana Le. Allegedly Le is linked to more than 30 fraudulent applications for disabled placards. DMV investigators determined that Le had many different placards registered to his address, all under names of different persons which were signed by the same doctor. Further investigations revealed the doctor’s signatures were forged, thus making it DMV fraud.

If convicted, Le faces up to four years in prison and fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per violation.

Operation Blue Zone was launched in 2014 and aimed at identifying fraud in the disabled placard application process. Since 2014, 176 cases have been opened and investigated, 50 felony cases prosecuted and 94 placards were canceled.

Aside from the investigation of fraud during the application process, the DMV also actively investigates and cites drivers who misuse and abuse placards. Last month alone, over 130 misdemeanor citations were issued in association with the abuse of disabled placards. The DMV urges people to notify them if they suspect abuse with their complaint form here.

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