Southbound lanes of Interstate 25 and a New Mexico Rail Runner Express Train were closed Thursday afternoon after a fatal crash near Broadway Boulevard. 

Interstate 25 Fatal Crash Near Broadway Boulevard in Southeast AlbuquerqueThe crash occurred around 4 p.m. April 18th and traffic lanes remained closed until just after 7:00 p.m. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash, stating that while the Interstate was reopened, the train would remain shut down until debris is cleared. 

According to BSCO, the crash involved a fatality and several injuries, though details on the number of people hurt and the extent of their injuries are unclear at this time.   

Unsafe Driving Practices on the Rise Across the Nation

While the cause of the crash is still under investigation, it is possible that speed or inattention may have been a factor.  According to the NHTSA, speed that is unsafe for traffic or road conditions is a significant factor in fatal crashes.  In 2022, 29 percent of those killed in traffic crashes were involved in a speeding-related crash.  

Similarly, nearly 8 percent of road deaths in the U.S. occur in distraction-affected crashes. 

According to attorney Brian Colón, there are a number of behaviors that can lead to fatal traffic crashes. 

“While the exact cause of this crash is still under investigation, it still serves as a grim, yet stark reminder of risks associated with negligent driving practices. Speeding, distracted driving, and impaired driving are preventable behaviors that can lead to tragic outcomes,” Colón stated.   “It’s crucial for drivers to understand their responsibility on the road and for law enforcement to rigorously enforce traffic safety laws. We owe it to our community to strive for safer roads, ensuring such needless loss of life does not occur.”

Drivers can take road safety into their own hands by following posted traffic safety signs and signals and avoiding dangerous behaviors like speeding, drinking and driving, or engaging in distracting activities.  

Unfortunately, in this case, those tragic outcomes are a reality for an unknown number of motorists and their families.

“For those affected by this tragedy and those like it, the effects are real and devastating. As difficult as it can be at a time like this, it may be in the best interests of anyone who has lost a loved or been injured in a traffic crash to speak with an experienced attorney,” Colón went on to say.  

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