Three people were killed and a baby was injured due to a fallen power line that landed on a parked car in northeast Portland, Oregon during an ice storm.

According to the Seattle Times, emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the incident after receiving frantic calls regarding a downed power line and people appearing to be electrocuted. A branch had fallen on a power line, causing it to fall onto an SUV.

large powerline depicted similar to that of crash

Witnesses reported that a resident grabbed the baby from one of the people lying in the street in an attempt to save its life. Three people were killed, two adults and one teenager, they were found dead upon the firefighters’ arrival, and the baby was taken to a hospital. 

The teenager has been identified as Teron Briggs, a sophomore at Milwaukie High School. Authorities believe the victims were electrocuted after they stepped out of the vehicle. 

The power company later de-energized the line, the name of the company has not yet been released. 

“Unfortunately, a family was tragically killed in this horrifying incident,” said Gerald Singleton, leading personal injury attorney at Singleton Schreiber. “An injured baby was recovered from the scene and will forever be impacted by this downed powerline. The power company should be investigated for how it handled powerlines in preparation for a severe storm.”

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Northeast Portland Downed Powerlines

Northeast Portland occasionally faces challenges that disrupt its daily life. One such challenge is the occurrence of downed powerlines, an issue that not only poses immediate dangers but also brings about broader implications for the residents and the community as a whole.

Downed powerlines in Northeast Portland can result from various factors, including severe weather conditions, accidents, or equipment failure. The immediate impact is often felt in terms of power outages, disruption of essential services, and potential hazards to public safety. Emergency services are promptly deployed to address the situation, ensuring the safety of residents and mitigating any potential dangers.

One of the primary concerns when powerlines go down is the risk to public safety. Live powerlines pose a serious threat, as they can cause electrocution or fires. Residents are advised to stay away from fallen powerlines and report the incident to the local utility company or emergency services. Authorities work diligently to cordon off affected areas, minimizing the risk to pedestrians and motorists.

While the immediate impact of downed powerlines is addressed through swift response and repair efforts, there are long-term considerations. Northeast Portland, like many other regions, faces the challenges of climate change, which may contribute to more frequent and severe weather events. This necessitates a proactive approach to infrastructure resilience and community preparedness.

Downed powerlines in Northeast Portland are a temporary disruption that requires a coordinated effort from residents, emergency services, and utility providers. By understanding the immediate and long-term impacts, the community can work towards enhancing its resilience and preparedness for such events. Through collaboration and communication, Northeast Portland can navigate the challenges posed by downed powerlines, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

“Downed powerlines are complex creatures to investigate, especially during severe storms and adverse weather conditions,” added Mr. Singleton. “It’s crucial that those affected by this incident receive the adequate counsel necessary to understand how to move forward.”

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