In the build-up to Independence Day, June marks Firework Safety Month in the state of California.

Fireworks cause around four deaths a year in the United States, and each one can be avoided with a few safety precautions. Over 9,000 people are hurt each year due to fireworks, with loss of sight, lost limbs and severe burns being three common injuries.

While June is Firework Safety Month, July is the high point for firework sales. The fourth of July wouldn’t be the same without large firework displays, but what happens if injuries occur?

Common firework injuries

Burns to hands and fingers are often the most typical injuries. Many times, these burns are more serious than people think. However, more severe accidents can occur, these can include:

  •   Nerve and ligament damage,
  •   Loss of eyesight,
  •   Scars and
  •   Loss of fingers or hands.

In July 2016, a nine-year-old girl in Compton lost her left hand and fingers on her right hand in a firework accident. The girl’s injuries occurred after a group of children threw a firework at the little girl, who picked it up before it exploded in her hand.


California Law

California’s law on fireworks is considered by many to be quite complex. Certain fireworks, known as “safe and sane” fireworks, can be bought by the public.

However, there are more dangerous items that the state has classified as illegal. The fireworks that took the nine-year-old Compton girl’s hand and fingers was believed to be illegal due to the power they produced.

Despite being classified as illegal, these dangerous fireworks are bought in the state and shot off every year.

Other problems with fireworks

Fireworks don’t just cause injuries due to blowing up in someone’s hands or face. Fireworks can cause fires to property, homes or even to a person’s clothing.

In July 2015, illegal fireworks caused fires that took one families home near Azusa. While the family lost their home due to the fireworks that “filled the sky”, the family made it out of the house without injury.

Negligence in using fireworks

On the fourth of July, it is common for many Californians to buy fireworks for their own personal fun. But those who purchase them need to be aware of the ramifications of their use.

If you are injured due to the negligence of someone during a fireworks display, you can hold them accountable. In the end, you could file a lawsuit against the person, if you seek compensation for any medical expenses that you incur.

If you are injured due to one of the following, you have a right to seek compensation:

  •   Injured during a business or city’s firework display,
  •   Injured on someone’s private property during a fireworks display, or
  •   Injury from an illegal firework being set off.

Illegal fireworks can also result in the user’s prosecution by police.

The Paris Firm

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