Friday, April 12, a shuttle bus accident occurred at a Honolulu cruise terminal, leaving one person dead and several others injured.

Hawaii shuttle bus accidentAccording to police and Carnival Cruise Line, the cruise port bus was dropping off passengers near a pier when the accident occurred. A bystander noticed the bus was moving forward and informed the driver. The driver then jumped into the driver’s seat in an attempt to stop the bus. However, the driver pressed the gas pedal rather than the brakes.

As the bus charged forward, it struck 11 people and several concrete barriers before hitting a wall and stopping. According to police, five of the eleven people who were struck were transported to hospitals for treatment, while the other six refused treatment.

The one woman who died from the injuries she sustained in the accident was attending the cruise to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her husband. The pair is from Illinois. Her husband is among those who were injured, and he is expected to recover. He was taken to the emergency room along with several other members of their family who were accompanying them on the cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line said nine of those injured in the accident were guests from the Carnival Miracle ship that was docked there. The ship set out from Long Beach, CA, and was midway through a 15-day sailing trip when this accident occurred.

The Honolulu Police Department stated that police will continue to investigate the cause of this accident to determine if drugs or alcohol were contributing factors to causing the accident.

The Impact Of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries, like those seen in the accident above, can occur almost anywhere at any time. Personal injuries often result in physical injuries and property damage, but in some cases, they may even lead to death, as was the case for one woman in the story above.

“Our hearts go out to the family whose celebration of love turned into the sudden loss of their loved one,” says lawyer Paul Starita, of Singleton Schreiber, “In accidents such as the one that occurred Friday in Honolulu, it may be best for victims or their families to acquire the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney to help them mitigate the financial impact the accident has on them moving forward. While no amount of money can bring their loved one back, or reverse their injury, it is important that they, and others like them, know they may have legal recourse that can help lessen the financial burden they bear.”

The impact of personal injuries on victims and their families may include:

  • Emotional toll – the trauma of the accident, the ongoing pain and recovery, or the loss of a loved one can lead to mental health challenges like anxiety and depression, among others.
  • Financial burden – medical bills coupled with lost wages due to the inability to work during recovery or a long-term disability, or funeral costs and the loss of financial support the deceased provided their family.
  • Long-term consequences – long-term or permanent disabilities may cause the injured to need ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, or assistive devices. Their injury may also impact their ability to pursue their career or hobbies they once enjoyed.

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