The Sun posted an article on Thursday October 12, 2017 describing a car chase pursuit from Lake Elsinore to Jurupa Valley. A male suspect, whose identity was not immediately released, had led law enforcement officers in a 30+ mile car chase after he had stolen a SUV. The deputy had signaled the driver to pull over, but the driver failed to do so in which led the officers into a pursuit. The chase began as the suspect fled northbound on Interstate 15 and went through Corona where the driver veered off to the freeway shoulder to get around slow moving traffic. The suspect finally surrendered around 3:50 p.m. after 50 intense minutes of car chase as he exited the freeway onto the surface streets in Jurupa Valley, at the intersection of Limonite and Lucretia avenues.

Drivers need to always remember to be aware and drive with caution as in many circumstances it is not their own negligence, but that of other motorists on the road that cause serious accidents. Drivers could be caught in an incident as mentioned above at any time while driving, or even on the streets as they enjoy a warm day outside with family or friends. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, as often times these events are avoidable if a motorist or bystander is aware and cautious. In instances like these, the driver has already proven to disregard basic safety and caution for themselves, but more frightening the safety of others who by chance happen to be in the path of this crazed motorist.

In a pursuit like this one, innocent bystanders and motorists could have been seriously injured or even died as part of a fatal accident. If one was to be caught in the driver’s path, and an accident occurred, the victim(s) is now left with not only vehicle damages, but potentially serious injuries as a result of a traumatic auto accident. Even minor auto accidents can require a substantial amount of monetary resources to repair the damages. More severe, innocent drivers could have faced life changing physical and mental damages in which could have never been repaired. These damages could have included trauma to the head, chest, and limbs in which would bring massive financial commitments to rehabilitate. It is also a possibility that innocent pedestrians on the street could have been struck by the driver, causing fatal injuries.

When auto and car accidents happen, and serious injuries result, victims have rights. In situations like this, even if the driver is in jail and awaiting criminal charges, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed in civil court for injuries and damages. It is important for the victims to find and consult with a Chino and Chino Hills auto and car accident injury attorney that can expertly represent their clients.

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