Standard chit-chat is that all lawyers are sharks. They lie, cheat, swindle and just generally eat their young for breakfast.  Misconceptions are easy to come by when the profession often causes its cast members to associate with criminals, illegal activity, and those who are stressed out and at the end of their ropes. Chicago bankruptcy attorneys get these same stereotypings and more as their primary focus is on the handling of financial ruin. That’s an incredibly volatile area. Explaining to a jury why assault seemed like a good idea is one thing, but it takes owning up to the fact that you’ve miss-managed your credit and bank accounts to strike real fear into the heart.

Understanding and Realistic Aid

At Loop Bankruptcy, we understand why clients are reluctant to give out personal information. While our staff may make suggestions and offer alternatives to how money is distributed, we will never pass judgment nor try to second-guess a client’s financial decisions.  That is not our place.  Whether the case involves personal or business bankruptcy proceedings, our Chicago bankruptcy attorneys are professionals who will take the facts as presented to us and offer the very best in legal advice.  We will also suggest working together as a team to come up with ways to help rebuild credit scores and banking histories via the use of things like secured debit cards and other instruments.  Good Chicago bankruptcy attorneys should not stop working as soon as the paperwork is finished and going that extra mile to aid clients in reestablishing their financial histories in the future is an important step.

Making a Statement

In most cases, the person filing for bankruptcy will not have to appear in court.  He/she will probably be required to attend a creditor meeting which usually includes the client, any of his/her creditors that wish to attend, and a bankruptcy trustee, but it is not a requirement that this take place inside a courthouse.  If, however, arguments break out at that meeting with regard to money issues and how financial issues were handled, the case may take on higher levels of legal ramifications.  In these instances, the Chicago bankruptcy attorneys at Loop Bankruptcy will stay with the client as official representatives as to what the person’s personal and/or business banking statements and other financial dealings are showing and offer professional, expert opinions as to the best ways to proceed to both protect the client’s rights and make sure justice is distributed fairly.

Cutting to the Heart of the Matter

The clients that walk into Loop Bankruptcy fall squarely into the “stressed out and at the end of their ropes” category of attorney patronage.  Our staff realizes that this is not the very best time in their lives and stand ready to work extra hard to ensure that everything will work out in the very best way possible. Chicago bankruptcy attorneys still might not enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling given out to most professions but in the end it truly doesn’t matter. Loop Bankruptcy’s clients know better.