In a chilling chain of events, a pedestrian in Fresno was struck and killed on April 28 in a hit-and-run collision just before 1:00 PM on Hammond and Mariposa avenues. A White truck struck a woman who was in her 50’s and was walking on the road, according to Fresno Police Sgt. Diana Trueba Vega. 

The woman initially survived the incident, but after being taken to Community Regional Medical Center, she unfortunately passed away. According to Sgt. Trueba Vega, witnesses saw the collision and followed the suspected vehicle to the parking lot of a Rite Aid that is located at Blackstone and Olive avenues. Witnesses then called police, and officers made contact with those witnesses at 1:03 pm.

Medic bending over car accident victim

One person was detained, however Trueba Vega said it is not confirmed if that was indeed the suspect’s vehicle. This investigation continues to unfold. Law enforcement closed the intersection of Hammond and Mariposa after the deadly Fresno hit-and-run and police were continuing to talk to additional witnesses. There was no report on whether or not drugs or alcohol were factors in this collision.

The Fresno Bee is the only media outlet to currently carry this story, although this death comes on the heels of a number of vehicle-related deaths in just the last few weeks in Fresno. There have been several reports of truck accident deaths, car accident deaths and now this hit-and-run death in Fresno, leaving many residents concerned about their overall safety whenever they leave their home.

“Fresno California should not be home to this many fatal car accidents,” said attorney Gerald Singleton of Singleton Schreiber. “This woman was simply walking on the street, she wasn’t even in a vehicle. Something has to change, and the perpetrator must be held accountable.”

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Fresno Hit-And-Run At Hammond and Mariposa Avenues

The residents of Fresno are no strangers to hit-and-run collisions. 

In yet another hit-and-run just at 9:03 PM on Thursday, a crash occurred in the area of Cedar and Tulare avenues. In this instance, the pedestrian suffered a broken leg. The suspect drove away, but was followed by witnesses and later arrested nearby at Cedar and Balch on the charge of felony hit and run.

In fact, less than two days after these two hit-and-run incidents, one of which killed a woman in central Fresno, there was another seriously dangerous hit-and-run that sent yet another woman to Community Regional Medical Center. This one happened at 1 AM on Sunday at Thesta Street and Normal Avenue, according to ABC. Police are searching for the driver who sped off.

The Fresno community is still reeling from a fatal hit-and-run that occurred one year ago, on May 15, 2022, when a woman’s body was dragged for eight miles in a hit and run that shocked and startled residents.

Hit and run crashes are deadly, in Fresno and throughout California. In the central region of the state, there are several instances of drunken and/or distracted drivers who crash into other vehicles and/or individuals. 

In just a quick news search, it’s apparent that it’s a weekly occurrence for a Fresno hit-and-run collision to grab headlines, sometimes due to a death, other times due to other grizzly details. Often, the victims are simply walking in their neighborhoods, minding their own business. Several times in April of 2023, Fresno Police Officers went on the hunt for drivers who slammed into a vehicle or a person, only to drive off either unaware of what they’d done or trying to escape responsibility. 

And, in so many of these cases, Community Regional Medical Center is where so many of the victims get taken, and the medical staff are often bombarded with injured people who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

“Walking around Fresno should not be a dangerous activity,” said attorney Gerald Singleton, a Fresno hit-and-run injury attorney. “Residents deserve safety when going about their normal activities, and any driver who harms or, god-forbid, kills someone should be held accountable. Those impacted by these crashes absolutely have legal rights which they should stand up for with a qualified lawyer at their side.”

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