One of the most complex areas to try to navigate is the law. Not only are statutes confusing but you also need someone with the right knowledge and experience to help you win your case. There is also some stress involved in finding the right attorney. Do you grab your smartphone and search the internet for “lawyer near me” and hope for the best? Do you visit Yelp and read the post opinions to try to narrow down the choices? There are many attorneys in any one city, and they all specialize in a specific branch of the legal system. While you won’t need them all, here are three types of lawyers you’re very likely to use at least once in your life.

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have ever been injured at work, in a car accident or when using a product, you know how critical a personal injury lawyer is when dealing with corporate attorneys. It is the first person you should call after dialing 911 because companies, insurance agents or drivers are doing the same to reduce their liability and losses. Having a personal injury attorney to communicate on your behalf will help you receive a fair settlement that covers medical and personal injury damages. Lawyers like Simon & Simon are expert negotiators and litigators who handle tort cases due to negligence and liability. Learning about them will be handy as you will need them for legal needs including medical malpractice, auto accidents, defamation, slip and falls, animal bites or intentional torts.

2. Criminal Lawyer

Lots of people love a good courtroom drama until they find themselves sitting behind the defendant’s table. You will appreciate an excellent criminal lawyer after you have experienced an arrest, heard the ever-so-famous lines of the Miranda warning, posed for a mugshot when processed and listened to the criminal charges a district attorney has leveled against you. The job of your defense lawyer is to ensure you get a fair trial and determine the best strategy to overcome a guilty verdict. Criminal lawyers also can have a diverse set of specialties, so they can handle all of your legal issues including crimes like theft, assault and battery, DUIs, traffic accidents or felonies with strict sentencing guidelines.

3. Family Lawyer

Family law is often personal for many people, which is why it is advisable to have a lawyer to help you get through this emotional period in your life. Lawyers specialize in cases that involve marriage, civil unions, divorce, child custody, paternity, adoption or child abuse cases. Family law also involves spousal separation, a division of assets and child custody agreements that often cause stress and hardship, which is challenging to bear alone. So, it is possible you will need to hire the same attorney for multiple family issues. You will appreciate someone who will focus on the legal aspects of your case.

It is essential that you take the time to research each lawyer to ensure he or she has the right experience and specialization as it will make your case more comfortable to navigate and win.