How do you find the best lawyer to help you with your needs? Well, the first thing you do is recognize that legal services are a product like any other and should be researched thoroughly before any decision is made. Once you have several referrals for lawyers with the right kind of expertise that you’re looking for, you should go through each candidate before finally making your decision. Here are some tips you can use from to help you pick your lawyer.

Conduct Interviews

One of the most effective ways to assess the legal ability of a candidate is by interviewing him or her. After determining what type of attorney you need, it’s time to have a consultation with your selection. Most attorneys will typically provide the initial consultation free of charge. You should, therefore, ask him or her some important questions during this session to learn more about him or her, such as his or her experience in the specific legal matter you need assistance with, the number of years of experience he or she has, his or her track record of success and so on.

In particular, you should remember that just because the attorney charges a higher fee, it doesn’t mean that he or she is more qualified. On the other hand, a low fee should raise some red flags as it might signal incompetence or inexperience.

Once you’ve had an interview with the lawyer, it is time to ask yourself some important questions, such as whether his or her background and experience is compatible with your needs, or if he or she is someone you would be comfortable working with.

Ask Other Lawyers for Advice

The law community is much more tight-knit than you might think and lawyers will tend to know what the reputation and skill of other lawyers are, even if they are not in the same fields. An attorney friend of yours should be able to provide you with information about another lawyer that you won’t readily find online or in a book, including information about their level of competence, practice habits, demeanor, reputation and ethics.

Do a Background Check

Before you hire any lawyer, you should do an extensive background check on him or her. Begin by contacting the disciplinary agency in the state where the lawyer is registered to find out whether he or she is in good standing with the bar. You should also check his or her references and make sure they are all legitimate, especially if you came across the lawyer on the internet. You can go to law directories to check peer reviews of the lawyer as well to find out what his or her peers think about him or her.

Tour the Attorney’s Office

You can tell a lot about a lawyer by taking a tour of his or her law office. Ask them for a tour beyond the conference room or office where you had the interview. What do you think of his or her office? Is it orderly, neat, efficient? Is it well organized and run? What do you think about the lawyer’s support staff? Are they helpful and friendly? Is the lawyer’s office easily accessible? Is a large portion of the office empty? Look for red flags like unreturned phone calls, empty offices, unhappy staff, and mass disarray.

By taking these steps, you can find the right lawyer for your needs and enlist his or her services with confidence.