Typically when we think about the County Fair, we think about carnival rides and games, livestock, fried deserts and fun, but not handling our current DMV transactions. Well, California DMV is changing that notion and the way we complete common DMV transactions in the future may be easier and more convenient than ever.

Earlier this year the California DMV had announced and implemented their “DMV Now Self-Service Terminals” which were placed in grocery stores, college campuses and other retail style locations. These kiosks were aimed to reduce traffic and workflow in local DMV offices and to provide an easier option for California drivers to process simple and common transactions such as renewals.

In a recent press release, the California DMV announced that they will have the self service terminal available at the San Diego County Fair. The terminals will be in the general exhibit hall with DMV representatives to assist with questions as well as demonstrate using the terminals. The DMV is continuing to expand the locations where these permanent kiosks are placed and soon enough you may find one in your local neighborhood. For a complete list of self service terminals see the DMV’s list here.

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