The holidays are a time of merry making and sharing cheer. However, that can fast turn to an episode of court cases, fines, and even jail time if you do not properly manage your alcohol intake. By following these simple ideas, motorists can avoid DUIs and extra holiday stress.

  1. Know Your Limit & Beware of Holiday Drink Specials

A good motorist knows that the “one more shot” motto leads down the dark path of no return. Everyone has different alcohol tolerance levels and it’s best to take responsibility and learn yours. The BAC calculator provides an estimation of how much alcohol you can tolerate to drive safely. The calculation depends on an individual’s weight, time spent after consumption, and the amount of alcohol in the body. It is hard to guess how much alcohol or the % Proof is in those fancy holiday drinks with eggnog, so if you plan on driving, avoid them all together. With a close enough estimation, drivers can learn to keep their alcohol levels below their state limits.

  1. Take a Designated Driver or BETTER YET a Ridesharing Service

When choosing to indulge in alcohol at all, it is always a good choice to appoint a trusted driver. This can be a friend or even a Lyft taxi. Being the one sober friend while everyone is celebrating and drinking can be hard, so it may be wise decide to split a Lyft taxi. Even though ridesharing prices can “surge” during the holidays, we promise you that it is still cheaper than a DUI. For more information on the real costs of a DUI see our other article How Much Does a DUI Really Cost?. Remember, drunk driving isn’t just bad for the driver but also his passengers and other motorists on the road.

  1. Avoid High DUI prone Areas like Bar Streets

With the holidays coming up, the police are also on their toes waiting to nab anyone for a DUI. This includes hiding near areas where DUI incidences are likely. These places include bars and social areas where a lot of people hang out. Avoiding streets filled with late night restaurants and bars can save you from imminent DUI charges. Drivers can also read about any impending DUI checkpoints that police may set up from their local news reports law enforcement website.

  1. Your Friend’s Couch is More Comfortable Than a Jail Cell

Booking a hotel room is also a great way to avoid a DUI on the road. Are hotels too expensive? The taxi surge charge is $200? Sleep on your friend’s couch. If you are hosting a holiday party where people are drinking, get a lock box and put everyone’s car keys in it. Handing your keys over can be the cost of entering the party. Your guests will either take a taxi home or sleep on your floor. It’s better that they are alive, drooling on your couch than behind bars or worse dead in a ditch.

  1. If Pulled Over, Be Cool

In the unlikely event, you get pulled over by an officer of the law, it is always best to be polite and cooperative. This is not the time to state all your rights and cause a scene. Remember, most patrol cars come equipped with audio and video surveillance which can serve as evidence in a court if the need arises. By complying with the officer’s request, you reduce your chances of getting arrested. For more information on what to do if pulled over see our article What You Should Do If You’re Stopped for a DUI.

Getting a DUI during the holidays can ruin your entire holiday season. The best option is to avoid getting behind the wheel when drinking period. If you or your friend find yourselves in hot water with the police during the holiday season or anytime, please contact us for immediate help and a Free Consult. We do not rest until we get you out of a bad situation. Happy Holidays!