According to an article by The Press-Enterprise a 16 year-old boy was accused of setting palm trees on fire in Riverside. On Monday March 19, the Riverside police were called to the intersection of Indiana Avenue and Fillmore Street at around 3:05 p.m. as witnesses reported seeing a boy setting trees on fire. When police got there they found four separate fires had been started and began their search for the boy by the descriptions witnesses had provided. With the witnesses’ help they were able to find the boy who matched their descriptions and identified him. Due to the suspect being under age, investigators were not able to release his name, but did say he was a 16 year-old male who was arrested and booked into juvenile hall.

We love and cherish our children as they bring joy and love into our lives. When they act out we want to provide them with the help and care they need, but sometimes they and their behaviors can get away from us and cause harm to themselves or others around them. Lighting trees on fire may not seem like the worst action a teenage boy could engage in, but a small fire can turn into a wildfire that can not only take home, but lives too. It takes one careless decision to change the lives of so many for forever.

In 2017, more than 9100 California wildfires claimed over 1 million acres. If the trees had burnt down and any individual sustained injury or resulted in damage to property in any way, the boy and importantly his parents could have been facing serious charges against them in a criminal action. Aside from criminal charges, if an individual were hurt in an incident like the Riverside case, they could file claims against the liable party for either property damage or worse, serious injury. By doing so, they could pursue a case in hopes of getting compensation to pay for some if not all of the damages. If you or anyone you may know is involved in a similar situation like the one described above, it is in the best interest of the victim to do their research and find an experienced personal injury attorney to take on their case and help them through this difficult process. Insurance companies may want to settle, but with an attorney protecting your rights, you can pursue and often recover much more than their offered settlement.

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