The accident experience of commercial trucks, big rig or semi-trucks is no similar to other small vehicles. The accidents of trucks are more dangerous and require serious help from personal attorney to save the rights.

These vehicles are large in size and need two lanes in order to make a turn on the road. The road breakers can be a huge cause for truck accidents. The procedure of after accident compensation by you or for you needs your personal lawyer.

Before filing a claim against the other party involved in the accident, you should be aware of some major factors regarding a truck accident claim.

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The Claim Process for a Truck Accident

When you are injured in an accident, the most important thing after aiding your injuries is to call your lawyer. Whether you are at fault or not, your lawyer will be by your side to settle your rights fairly.

Even when the claim procedure differs by states and regions, the main focus of the party involved should be about their personal attorney. In Portland, Oregon truck accident attorney discloses the claim procedures for truck accidents in order to reveal the fair rights of an injured person. Other states are also recommending truck drivers and companies to go through accidental claim procedures for their help.

The steps you should be aware of before filing your truck accident claim.

Step 01: Written Agreement with Truck Crash Lawyer

Before signing your retainer agreement with your truck crash lawyer, you need to review and negotiate for fair terms. The main outline of the contract should contain:

  • The confidential relationship acknowledgment between the client and the lawyer has begun
  • The fee structure: contingency fee, variations according to processes, other expenses
  • Repudiation of the attorney procedure for handling the case

Step 02: Only Communicate Through Your Truck Crash Lawyer

When your legal team started in your claim process you need to limit communication.

The communication do’s you need to know for claim process:

  • Inform your insurance company about the truck accident
  • File your police report
  • Provide the contact details of the truck crash lawyer to the trucking company claim adjuster
  • Get your Doctor’s evaluation about the injuries from the crash as soon as possible
  • DMV report about the truck accident

The communication Don’ts you need to keep in your mind:

  • Don’t answer any question which you are not sure about
  • Don’t get confuse with series of questions they are often made to decline your confidence
  • Only sign the documents after reviewing it
  • Do not share the facts and details about your truck crash injury

Step 03: Collect the Evidences

Your attorney will collect the evidence on your behalf. You need to investigate and provide more fair evidence and facts to your lawyer for a better potential result in the claim procedure.

For evidence collection you need to:

  • Review all police reports
  • Recheck the medical records
  • Recheck all the med visits
  • Call a meeting with insurance adjuster
  • Go through the road traffic camera and review the truck crash again and again
  • Locate eye-witnesses
  • Review all documents and stay alert or new changes

Step 04: The Personal Injury Demand Letter

The demand letter will be drafted by your personal lawyer along with evidence collected and on fact base. The letter will be delivered to the insurance company of the other party or the responsible business for the truck crash injuries. It will contain specific financial demands for your injuries. If you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer then he will take care of it without getting you into any issues.

Step 05: Procedure of Settlement & Trial

After reviewing your demand letter, the trucker’s insurance company might accept it or reject with some reasons. It may also negotiate with you and adjust to it.

If the case is proceeded to the trial base then your truck crash lawyer is your only chance to survive. Your lawyer will file your legal complaint which will be highlighting all the facts of your case. If the resolution ends in failure then only a judge or jury will make the final determination about your truck crash case and the injury claim. The financial amount recovered to you will be decided by them.

Final Words on Filing a Truck Accident Injury Claim

The truck accident crash is handled differently than a regular car accident case. The injuries are seen to be of more disastrous than any other small vehicle crash. Legal advice should be taken from truck accident lawyer rather than your insurance adjuster. You need to be alerted on every occurrence through your personal injury about the truck crash case.