Divorce is one of the most difficult periods of life for anyone who has been married. It not only interferes with your emotions but also your finances, your professional life and your kids if you have any.

As such, there are a few things which everyone should avoid while they are going through a divorce. While these may appear as minor or menial in nature, these things can prove to be troublesome in the future and even result in dire consequences.

This article outlines the Top 9 Things that you should definitely avoid during a Divorce.

  1. Consulting an Attorney

Making decisions based on your sole discretion can lead to some really bad decisions. This is because you as someone who is not an experienced attorney will not possess the knowledge or expertise of working through a smooth divorce.

As such, it is highly recommended to consult a professional attorney whose expertise lies in ‘Family Law’. The attorney can help you through all the major decisions such as splitting of finances or possession of children etc.

  1. Jumping into Another Relationship

While divorce can cause your emotions to face turmoil and you may be inclined towards leaning onto someone for support, this act can be used against you on account of Adultery or Infidelity Charges. This also includes engaging romantically with your lawyer, as a romantic relationship between a client and an attorney is strictly prohibited in all of the American states.

Until the divorce proceedings are not completed, it is best to halt all sexual and romantic activities no matter how much you are compelled to so.

  1. Grieving Over What’s Gone:

You may be feeling overwhelmed with the emotions. This is normal response after a split and might make you feel like you have made a wrong decision. But before you change your decision of getting a divorce, consider all the factors that urged to you take such a huge step and accordingly come up with a conclusion.  You will be into a real trouble if you took a wrong decision so better think and then take a perfect decision.

  1. Disregard The Taxes:

Most people jump to the conclusion of divorce without considering the impact of taxes on their divorce settlement. The agreement of divorce taxes on the amount of investments you and your spouse had together. Therefore it is best to calculate the taxes beforehand and decide for an equal distribution among both.

  1. Involve Your Parents:

You might be thinking of involving your parents or close friends in your divorce matters and seeking their suggestion but that may prove to be a very wrong move. Your parents or acquaintance don’t know what type of relationship you shared with your spouse and might suggest you wrong choices. You know more about your life than your friends or parents so don’t consider others suggestions into your life.

  1. Using Your Children As Pawns

Many parents tend to ‘unintentionally’ use their children as pawns during the divorce. This includes taking out all the frustration and anger on the children, as well as emotionally manipulating and blackmailing them into siding with a parent.

You as a parent might be inclined towards behaving in a rather strict manner with your children, or you might want them to favor you, but beware of these activities as they will only negatively impact your relationship in the future with them.

  1. Getting Pregnant During the Proceedings

Whether you get pregnant outside or within your marriage, pregnancies tend to complicate divorce proceedings as the state raises concerns on the financial responsibilities of the unborn child. While Single-Parent Rights are now granted by a lot of states in the US, having a child during divorce proceedings can put in an upheaval nevertheless.

  1. Considering Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is where the involved parties can seek the help of attorneys, divorce coaches as well as therapists to assist them in handling the divorce matters. This can greatly help you in making better decisions, rather than in a state of emotional turmoil.

  1. Accepting “Not So Good Divorce Settlement”:

You might win your child’s custody but how will you cover his/ her expenses? Your spouse might be involved in another relationship and is determined to start his new life. Mind you! Upbringing a child as a single parent is never easy. That is why you should never accept a settlement far low than you deserve. If you are a house wife and taking care of your child, you should demand for a fair divorce settlement.

Conclusion: You will be receiving professional advice on splitting your finances, controlling your emotions and much more which will thus help you in saving yourself from making any ill-informed decisions.

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