A semitruck rear-ended a charter bus filled with high school students on an Ohio highway, leaving six dead and 18 injured on November 14.

A total of five vehicles were involved in the crash, including a charter bus carrying students and chaperones from the Tuscarawas Valley Local School District located in eastern Ohio. 

Large school bus depicted

Three passengers of the bus were pronounced dead at the scene, they were identified as John W. Mosely, 18, Jefferey D. Worrell, 18, and Katelyn N. Owens, 15. 

The bus driver and a total of 15 students were taken to nearby area hospitals and other students were taken to a reunification site.

Three people in one of the passenger vehicles that was involved in the crash were also pronounced dead at the scene. The individuals were identified as Dave Kennat, 56, Kristy Gaynor, 39, and Shannon Wigfield, 45.

All of the vehicles involved in the crash were headed westbound on I-70 in Licking County, about 26 miles east of Columbus at 9 AM. A chain-reaction crash happened causing at least three vehicles to subsequently catch fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

The charter bus was carrying students and chaperones to an Ohio School Boards Association conference in Columbus. The conference was canceled after organizers learned of the crash. 

In a report by the Star Advertiser, it is said that 30 units of blood were sent to a hospital in the Mount Carmel Health System by the Red Cross to help victims. 

“This is a terrible incident that no parent or student should ever have to go through,” said Britt Strottman, licensed Ohio attorney at Singleton Schreiber. “So many lives were lost far too soon, and many others were injured, requiring critical medical attention. My thoughts are with the families of the victims involved in this crash.”

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Fatal Ohio Bus Crashes

Ohio has recently been marred by a series of tragic bus accidents that have claimed lives and left communities in mourning. The devastating consequences of these incidents underscore the critical need for enhanced safety measures to protect the lives of passengers and prevent future tragedies.

In recent months, Ohio has witnessed a string of fatal bus crashes that have sent shockwaves through the state. These incidents, occurring on both highways and local roads, have involved various types of buses, including school buses, charter buses, and public transportation vehicles. The causes of these crashes are diverse, ranging from driver error and mechanical failures to adverse weather conditions and other external factors.

Bus transportation plays a vital role in Ohio’s communities, shuttling students to and from schools, connecting people to their workplaces, and facilitating travel for various events. However, these recent crashes emphasize the vulnerability of passengers and the need for comprehensive safety measures to be in place.

Authorities are actively investigating the causes of these fatal bus crashes to determine whether they were the result of human error, mechanical failures, or a combination of factors. Understanding the root causes is essential for implementing targeted safety improvements and preventing similar incidents in the future.

One crucial aspect of bus safety is the training and qualification of drivers. Ensuring that bus drivers undergo thorough training programs that cover defensive driving, handling adverse weather conditions, and responding to emergencies is paramount. Additionally, ongoing education and periodic evaluations can help maintain and enhance driver skills over time.

Advancements in technology offer promising avenues for improving bus safety. The integration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), collision avoidance technology, and real-time monitoring systems can provide an extra layer of protection for passengers and help prevent accidents caused by human error.

Mechanical failures have been identified as contributing factors in some of the recent bus crashes. Regular and rigorous maintenance schedules for buses, conducted by qualified technicians, are crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues before they lead to accidents.

Engaging the community in promoting bus safety is essential. Campaigns to educate passengers about proper behavior on buses, the importance of seatbelt usage, and how to evacuate in case of an emergency can contribute to a safer transportation environment.

The recent increase of fatal bus crashes in Ohio serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety in public transportation. Addressing the root causes through enhanced driver training, technological solutions, regular vehicle maintenance, and community involvement is imperative. By working collaboratively, state authorities, transportation agencies, and the public can contribute to creating a safer environment for everyone who relies on bus transportation in Ohio.

“The families grieving the loss of their children and loved ones should not have to face the details of this crash alone. They should reach out to a knowledgeable attorney who will assist in the investigation and any complex matters that may arise,” added Ms. Strottman. “Some families are now faced with serious out-of-pocket burial or medical expenses as a result of this fatal collision.”

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