There’s not a whole lot of time left in deer season, so many hunters want to get out there one last time to snag that perfect buck. Once the adrenaline starts to flow, and you get together with your hunting buddies, sometimes you forget to focus on safety. Bowhunting provides many opportunities for accidents to occur, and they do occur far too often. It is important that everyone is prepared and takes smart precautions to make sure that everyone who leaves on a bowhunting expedition comes back safely.

Pure Instinct Hunting has a list of four things to watch out for, to ensure that you and your groups stays safe.

1. Treestand accidents

Hunters fall from treestands every year and suffer serious injuries. A fall from a treestand can result in brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis or even death. To avoid mishaps, read all of the instructions that come with the treestand before using it. The ideal tree for hanging your tree stand is straight and strong with no dead limbs or branches that could break and injure you. Always use the safety harness included in the treestand package when setting it up.

We have seen firsthand just how devastating a fall can be. If you do not feel comfortable in your stand, don’t use it. It could be defective.

2. Shooting damaged arrows

A damaged arrow will break or shatter and send splinters back into your face hands or arms if the skin is exposed. Make sure to inspect your arrows for structural defects by bending and flexing them or running your hands through the shafts to identify possible damage. The article links to a video that shows the gory details of what can happen when you shoot with damaged arrows.

3. Accidental arrow shooting

When hunters mistake their fellow hunters for deer, they can accidentally shoot them with arrows. Accidental shootings can cause permanent injury and even death.

To avoid accidentally shooting another hunter, be aware of your target before you shoot. Make sure that you are sure of the target before you point your arrow at it.

4. The animals might attack too

Sometimes, the animals that hunters shoot with their bow turn against them and attack them. Here are three tips recommended by the article:

  • Make a good kill shot to avoid being attacked by a wounded animal.
  • After taking down a deer, never approach it without a weapon, never engage a wild animal in a run, and consider carrying bear spray.
  • Always be on high alert when you are out bowhunting.

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