The Press-Enterprise reported in a recent article, about a bicycle incident in Redlands. On Saturday, Jan. 20 at about 7:25 p.m. deputies responded to a call from a witness to come down to Palm Avenue south of Third Street. When police arrived at the location they found a 34-year-old Redlands man suffering from life-threatening injuries after he was involved in a head on collision. The 34-year-old man, later identified as Brandon Mayberry, was riding his bike down Third Street when 46-year-old Thomas Youngwirth driving a 2005 Chevrolet truck north on Palm approaching Third Street, collided into Mayberry. Police are still looking into the incident and would like any witnesses with any information to come forward to help sort out the incident.


Riding bikes to work, to school, to the supermarket, it is becoming more of a trend to help save strain on the planet from traditional fossil fuels, reduce commuting costs as well as to stay physically fit. Many people feel safer riding a bike to their next destination than a car because they feel more in control and less dependent on technology. However, their small size compared to the vehicles on the streets can bring them a larger chance of being struck by passing vehicles. Bicyclists tend to get lost in a driver’s blind spot, and with no horn to honk or any turn signals, it becomes even harder for drivers to determine a biker’s next move. When a biker is struck by a vehicle, it could bring serious damages and life threatening injuries to the victims. Some cyclists are left with a great deal of pain and a substantial amount of debt to pay off from doctor services and medical bills. Other times, when a family loses a loved one to an auto vs cyclist collision accident, they are left to pick up the pieces of the accident while struggling to move on from the loss of a loved one.


When accidents happen in California, victims have rights to compensation for recovery from the damages and pain caused by reckless or negligent drivers. Insurance companies may try to hurry along the process and settle, but you can get the compensation you deserve with the help of an experienced auto vs cycle injury accident attorney. Attorneys can file claims and then take settlements, or even go to jury trials to ensure that the largest compensation for their clients is worked out and reached. They can also break down the process so that any confusion is cleared up and also to ensure that their client does not feel alone in this difficult process, they understand victim’s rights and want to help their clients protect their rights under California law.


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