Nearly everyone today knows of someone who is divorced. Perhaps it is a relative. Maybe it is a close friend. But when it is you who is facing a divorce, your world is irrevocably changed. The emotional turmoil can be devastating. When children are involved, the outcome can be life-changing. It helps to have an understanding and skilled Redlands family law attorney on your side to guide the way.

At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP we know that divorce can be one of the most unsettling times in a person’s life. An accomplished family law attorney can fight for your parental and marital property rights. That same attorney may also advise you when it is best to compromise for the sake of the children. In either case, the decision is always yours. At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, our Redlands family law attorneys can provide you with advice you need, experience you can rely on and the understanding that these can be difficult and emotional times.

Experienced Representation with Proven Results

Our knowledgeable Redlands divorce lawyers are able to handle the full range of family law issues. For those in the Redlands area, we offer legal services in the following situations:

  • Child custody determinations: There are two aspects of child custody – physical custody and legal custody. A Redlands child custody attorney at our law firm we represent our clients in child custody disputes as well as in amicable determinations of joint custody, sole custody or split custody.
  • Division of marital assets: The division of assets can be simple when there are few assets or when the parties agree on the division of property. However, the division of assets can also be complicated, such as in the case of small business owners, or when significant assets or inheritance is a factor. The Redlands divorce attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levene & Knox, LLP has the experience to handle all aspects of the divorce-and-assets spectrum.
  • Child support and spousal support determinations: Child support is largely covered by California law; however, an experienced attorney can be necessary to make certain that your best interests, as well as the children’s, are being considered. Spousal support, sometimes called alimony, is another area where a skilled attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome.
  • Post-divorce modifications: When life circumstances change, so too can child custody or support arrangements. Relocation, remarriage, a change of job or losing a job can all be reasons to modify the divorce agreement.

In the case of remarriage, there is often the need for post-divorce modifications such as a stepparent adoption. At our law firm we represent clients who desire a stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption or other type of adoption.

Offering the Full Range of Family Law Services

  • When it comes to divorce, many individuals are not even sure what they may actually need. That’s where we come in. At our law firm we identify your legal needs in advance of your need for them. We are proactive in our approach and diligent in our execution. In addition to representing our clients with the full range of divorce-related needs, we also can help our clients with the following types of family law services:
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Business valuations
  • Same-sex couple family law issues
  • Defense of domestic violence allegations, handled by a Redlands domestic violence defense attorney
  • Orders for protection

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