In the State of California, personal injury cases are taken very seriously, which is why there are so many factors that seem to have an effect over the nature and the result of the case. More often than not, personal injury cases are conducted as a means to reimburse any expenses including medical bills, which the injured party has had to endure as a result of the injury.

However, if the injured party received injuries which resulted in permanent disability of any nature, the compensation could be extended infinitely. Permanent disability may also mean a long haul of medical bills and pharmaceutical expenses not to mention rehabilitation and special care around the clock.

Filing Personal Injury Claims Involving Permanent Disability

As aforementioned, a personal injury claim that involves permanent disability of any nature becomes more complicated than other types of personal injury cases involving injury. Thus, it is vital that you fully consider both the parties involved – the individual responsible for the accident as well as the insurance company of the injured party. Both parties are also liable to contest the permanent disability endured by the injured.

Concrete Proof

Before filing a personal injury claim, it is imperative that the injured party is aware of the recognition and authenticity of concrete proof concerning the degree of the injuries as well as the disability the injured sustained as a result.

Medical Proof

In personal injury claims, be it for permanent disability or any other injury, it is highly important for there to be significant and authentic medical reports to serve as proof in the court of law. These reports will play a key role in determining the legitimacy of the claim that is made, especially in case there is a permanent injury.

Visual Proof

Often times, the injured party may forget or forgo the chance to collect as much visual proof as possible. However, it is crucial that you collect any and every visual item that can serve as substantiation. This includes any and every photograph that can be presented in the court of law to serve as evidence against the defendant.

Independent Examination

Most insurance companies are permissible to conduct their own personal medical examination, especially in cases surrounding permanent disability in personal injury claims. This is also due to the fact that permanent disability claims entail a much larger sum of money or payout, in comparison to a disability that is not permanent.

These independent medical examinations are conducted by a medical professional or physician, chosen solely by the insurance company itself. The reason behind this is to validate the claims made by the injured party as well as to get a second opinion on the severity of the injuries and whether or not they were what caused permanent disability.

Failure to conduct the examination or to provide solid evidence will be detrimental to the case, as the main purpose of the examination is to solidify the claims made by the injured party regarding permanent disability, in the court of law.

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