Paying a large sum to a criminal defense lawyer only to receive a guilty plea can be financially devastating. Sometimes it’s wise to enter into a guilty plea bargain. Since every criminal defense case is different, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the guilty plea.

In this article, we will shed light on the situations when entering a guilty plea is a right move, and when it’s not.

When Should You Accept a Plea Agreement?

Convictions can be costly resulting in court costs, fines, loss of job, restrictions against practice, and jail time.  However, in certain cases, you will be better off accepting a guilty plea, and face the consequences. Generally, a guilty plea is advisable when the prosecutors have clear proof of the crime. In this situation, you will be better off accepting a guilty plea resulting in a more lenient punishment.

A guilty plea in situations when there is clear incriminating evidence is also advisable since it will help save time and cost. A trial may take months or sometimes even years. An appeal can further extend the period of the trial. The longer the case drags out, more money will be paid to the attorney. However, in the event, the prosecutors have solid proof of the crime it will only result in unnecessary wastage of time and money.

When Should You Not Accept a Plea Agreement?

A guilty plea agreement may not be a good idea in certain situations. It will be a bad idea to enter into a plea agreement if the evidence regarding the crime is not clear. Also, if the guilty plea results in a restriction to practice certain profession or the right to own a firearm, it is a good idea not to accept a guilty plea.

You must talk with a professional criminal defense lawyer to fully understand the consequences of accepting a plea agreement. Never accept a plea bargain until you have received expert legal advice regarding your case.  You should ask the criminal defense attorney in California about the possible penalties of accepting a plea bargain.

A criminal defense or DUI lawyer will examine all the evidence of the crime to know whether the prosecutors have clear proof of the crime. The attorney will also investigate whether the police have obtained the incriminating evidence lawfully without violating your rights. In this way, a criminal defense attorney will advise you regarding the best course of action given the circumstances of your case.