The Press Enterprise released an article discussing the demands of Inland Law Enforcement Agencies regarding the conduct of citizens celebrating during the New Year.  Law Enforcement professionals suggest that all citizens limit their consumption of alcohol to promote safe driving. You should also plan to find an alternative ride if you are impaired, plan to be a responsible party host, and plan to play with party poppers instead of a firearms. Those people choosing to ignore these simple demands will end up spending the New Years Holiday behind bars. Police plan to operate several DUI checkpoints and extra patrols across Southern California to catch drivers under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs and prescription medications during the holiday weekend. This is a concerted effort designed to promote safety on and off the road.

The winter season brings several holidays that are intended to be a time of unity, joy, and love. Unfortunately, the holidays can also bring devastating accidents and incidents as people tend to drink and drive more during these seasons.   The abundance of holiday parties, events and more are the primary catalyst for this increase. During these parties alcohol often flows freely and many times otherwise law abiding citizens find themselves impaired and making the choice to drink and drive. The choice to drink and drives places virtually everyone at risk.  An impaired driver makes the conscious decision to endanger themselves, other drivers and pedestrians.   All it takes is one drink and a life could be taken or an innocent person could suffer a life-changing injury.  Police Agencies recommend that party-goers plan ahead so that if you drink too much, you can either catch a ride with a friend or a ride-share.

If you or anyone you know is caught in a DUI checkpoint and fails to pass the tests administered, you can absolutely plan on being prosecuted in court for a misdemeanor.   More seriously, involvement in a traffic collision while driving under the influence may cause you to face serious felony charges and potentially a civil lawsuit for any major damages caused by your negligence.

As for your driving privilege, the DMV is required to take action against an intoxicated driver.   The moment a law enforcement officer makes an arrest, the Administrative Per Se Laws kick in and the DMV begins the process to suspend or revoke that person’s driver license.  Defending one’s driving privilege is the obligation of the accused driver. Action must be taken with the DMV within 10 days of the arrest to avoid the automatic suspension of the license.   It is very important to find a professional DMV Advocate that can lead you through the process to ensure you have the best opportunity to win your case and keep your license intact.

If you find your self arrested for DUI this holiday season, do your research and find an expert DMV Defense Team to take on your case and fight for your rights. It is vital to find a representative with the correct level of knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome at your DMV Administrative Hearing. California Drivers Associates is a team of DMV Defense Experts that can help defend Standard, Commercial and Special Certificate Drivers at the DMV when their driving privilege is at risk of suspension or revocation. Rob Collier is the President and CEO of California Drivers Advocates. He and his firm are dedicated and experienced with every type of Administrative Hearing conducted by the DMV. Visit Rob and his team at their website or contact them at 1-888-281-5244. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have with no obligation.