WARNING:  Do NOT trust an Attorney to handle your MOTORCYCLE Accident case, unless he or she has ridden a Motorcycle!

That’s because there are basically two (2) types of motorists on the road today:  those who ride (or have ridden) Motorcycles, and those who have NOT.  The four-wheeler motorists either think of Motorcyclists as if they were driving a car, or they don’t think about them at all.  They don’t seem to realize that Motorcyclists are legally permitted to ride between lines of vehicular traffic, and as such, present a bit of a challenge to the four-wheelers.  Four-wheelers to not seem to think twice, while stopped on a free-way off ramp, when they swing open the driver’s door, to spit, or spill a soda … one door, opened without warning – in traffic – can be fatal to the Motorcyclist riding between lanes.  When switching lanes, four-wheelers must signal … not just to warn the car behind them, but also to warn Motorcyclists one hundred (100) yards behind them!

Seriously … when I first moved to California twenty (20) years ago, having never ridden a motorcycle, and knowing nothing about California law, I noticed times when a Police motorcycle would be riding between highway traffic lanes, with a couple of other cycles following closely behind.  You won’t even believe this … but my first thought was wow … those cyclists are pretty crazy to ride between lanes, with a cop ahead of them … he could give them a ticket for that! … (I didn’t realize that it was perfectly legal for motorcycles to ride between traffic lanes.)

Los Angeles Accident Lawyers that have never owned or ridden a motorcycle have no idea of the life-and-death decisions that motorcyclists must make on an almost daily basis, on California highways.  Like whether to ditch their motorcycle, with the certainty of suffering horrific soft tissue wounds, in order to survive, and stay in one piece.

Just remember, you four-wheelers, when you do yield to a motorcycle, moving just a bit to your right, and the motorcyclist signals a “thank you,” with a motion of his or her hand, that’s not just “thank you” … that’s “thank you for allowing me to live one more day, and see my family tonight!”  Motorcyclists face dangers that four-wheelers never even worry about.  What would be a minor highway collision for two cars, could mean a horrible dragging death to the motorcyclist.

So, if you are a Motorcyclist, here’s your Survival Check-List:

  1. Never ride without a Helmet Camera in place, and filming;
  2. Never ride without a Helmet, and Skid-protective clothing, from head-to-toe-to-glove-covered hand and fingers;
  3. Never ride without knowing the phone number of a capable and experienced Motorcycle Attorney, set for speed-dial on your cell phone;
  4. Never leave the scene of a Motorcycle accident in anything other than an Ambulance;
  5. Never leave the Emergency Room without calling your Motorcycle attorney, and possibly your next of kin, if you have the chance;
  6. Never hire an attorney that doesn’t ride Motorcycles; and
  7. Never contact an insurance company without first speaking with your Los Angeles Motorcycle Attorney.

An experienced Motorcycle Attorney probably handles a wide range of Personal Injury (“PI”) lawsuits, but Motorcycle Accident litigation is a unique category of Personal Injury litigation.  Your attorney will need to take control of the litigation from the very start.  At every stage, your attorney needs to convey the following messages:

  1. “My Client is very seriously injured”;
  2. The accident was YOUR Client’s Fault;
  3. We are ready to take this to Court, smash through Discovery and Motion Practice, and take it on to a Jury Trial and Final Judgment.

How does your experienced Motorcycle Attorney accomplish this? …. By following this ROADMAP, step-by-step:

i – Review your Emergency Room Report and Bills, choose the appropriate Medical Doctors, who will treat you without charge, accepting instead a “Lien” (promise to pay) against your future Settlement or Court Judgment;

ii – Prepare a top-notch “Demand Letter,” complete with a summary of your medical treatments to-date, an analysis of your injuries, illustrated with full-color glossy diagrams and photos, if helpful, with an estimate of future medical expenses;

iii – A specific dollar demand, backed-up with the reasons the other guy’s Insurance Company should pay-up, right away;

iv – In some cases, your experienced Motorcycle Attorney will send what’s called a “Crisci” Policy Limits Demand Letter, which gives the Insurance Company of the other person involved in the accident, an opportunity to pay you the absolute limit of their Policy Coverage. In some cases they will pay.  If not, and they refuse, then your experienced Motorcycle Attorney takes the case to Trial, and in some cases, can get a Jury Award far in excess of the Policy Limits, and force your opposing party to pay every penny of it !

Honestly, it’s really just like so many things in life … it pays to be prepared.

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Lawyer: Motorcyclist – Here’s Your Survival Check-List

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