There’s one auto attorney in Fresno who wins more cases than anyone, and we wanted to ask him, what does it take consistently win cases? On the surface it might seem like taking on the right clients, but the truth is that there’s much more to it than just that. In fact, there is more to winning a car accident case apart from immediately hiring a good lawyer. In fact, the first and perhaps most important steps that you should take in winning a car accident case starts immediately after the accident, right there where the incident took place.

Understandably, anyone who figures in a car accident will be shaken up to say the least and worse, may even be hurt. However, if you are lucky to escape serious injury, here are the important steps that you should remember to take if you find yourself involved in a car accident.

  1. Try to Regain Your Composure

Car accidents are harrowing incidents that are sure to unsettle any normal person. The first thing that you should do is to check if you or your passengers are injured. Your welfare should always come first and it would not be advisable not to proceed with steps mentioned here, if ever you are badly hurt in a car accident. Instead, head on over on to the last step as soon as you are able to. On the other hand, once you have made sure that you are not hurt, move out of your vehicle and move to a safe distance. Try to regain your composure as soon as possible and move on to the next step.

  1. Take Photos and Videos

After you have regained your bearings and composure, take out your smartphone or camera and start taking pictures and videos. You are essentially documenting the accident and you are taking photo and video evidence of the scene. Make sure to take note of important details including the prevailing driving conditions and the weather. Take as many close up and wide angle view shots of the vehicles involved as you can. You should also remember to look for and document skid marks, debris, road obstructions and any other details that you deem may be important to paint a clearer picture of how the incident went down.

  1. Talk to Potential Witnesses

There’s bound to be good-natured people who are willing to help out and lend a hand in most car accidents.  Try to chat them up and ask them if they witnessed the accident. If you found someone who seems to be a credible witness, ask for permission to record him recounting how the accident took place. This becomes especially important if the fault is with the other driver. Don’t forget to ask for their contact details so you’ll have a means to reach them just in case it goes to trial.

  1. Talk to the Other Driver

It pays to be civil and it would be decent to check on the welfare of the other driver and the passengers. However, if they appear to be hostile and confrontational, it would be best just to move away and wait for the responding authorities to arrive.

  1. Hire A Lawyer

As mentioned earlier, you will need to hire an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as you can. The lawyer will guide you on what to do next to prepare for the case. These may include turning over the evidence that you have gathered and submitting all the important documents including the estimated cost of damage or medical bills.

It will also be a good idea to have the contact details of a good car accident lawyer on your smartphone. This is especially helpful if you frequently drive on roads that have a high incidence of car accidents such as those in Central California cities like Fresno. Being well-prepared, is yet another factor that will help you win your car accident case.