Some bike advocates credit the dockless e-bike & e-scooter industry as a transportation method that has finally made urban cycling mainstream. In spite of this, the newfound industry is finding difficulty in becoming a permanent thriving fixture across various major cities.

In September of 2019, Jump, a bike service recently purchased by Uber, announced to all its e-bike users in San Diego that starting late September, the company was going to pull all e-bikes from that region. As of this year, Jump had only been serving the City of San Diego for a year. For e-bike companies cutting back on product access to certain cities, the matter comes down to whether the product will produce a successful long-term development.

City Government Predicaments With Electric Bikes & Scooters

According to a news article published by The San Diego Union-Tribune in November of last year, Jump and the City of San Diego were both thrilled to have the company implement its services for city residents. Unfortunately, the booming business faced city-imposed constraints as the city of San Diego attempted to gain control over the recurring issue of pedestrian and rider injury, both of which incited lawsuits. For some, it seems that cities such as San Diego are not equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support alternative transportation methods. Although it is in the city’s plans to enhance transportation sustainability, it seems that the lack of regulation and implemented bicycle lanes have led to the demise of partnerships between the city and e-bike companies.

Safety Concerns

When it comes to new technologies, it often takes municipalities some time to get acclimated. A city’s main concern is always the safety of its citizens and this often means creating new strict regulations to undermine potential risks. For a company such as Jump, a city with strict regulations can often translate into a deterrent in business.

Cities, however, have a logical reason to be concerned for the safety of cyclists. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the State of California is the most dangerous state for cyclists in the nation. The 2016 report concluded that California had 147 cyclist fatalities, which was 9 more than the State of Florida.

Protect Your Rights After an Accident – Consult an Experienced Attorney

If you are a cyclist in California, your well-being should be your number one priority. E-bikes have introduced a variety of benefits for Californians but they have also presented a number of risks that clearly, many municipalities were ill-prepared for. If you have been involved in an accident while using an E-bike or electric scooter, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney who can explain what your legal options are.

Attorney Scot T. Moga has many years of dedicated experience serving clients that have suffered harm as a result of another’s negligence. A majority of bike accident cases often lead to serious injuries that could result in a lifetime of medical treatments and economic concerns. If you were injured while using an e-bike or electronic scooter, speak to a professional bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. California has strict deadlines that could affect your ability to file a case.