Many attorneys struggle to acquire positive reviews from even their most content clients. On top of that, it seems the few and rare disgruntled clients leave blaring, negative reviews. Gaining future clients and maintaining your law firm’s reputation depends on a steady flow of happy clients and their online reviews. To get more five-star reviews, you need to understand how to earn positive reviews, how to use lawyer review sites, and how to make the review process easy for your clients.  

How to Earn Positive Reviews 

Aside from your skills, personality, and hard work, there are numerous components that influence client satisfaction. To keep the quality reviews coming your way, you need to be reachable, personable, and technologically savvy. 

Be Reachable and Responsive 

While you likely represent multiple clients on any given day, individual clients may feel overwhelmed about their legal situation. When a client reaches out to you, you need to be available. While it’s impossible to always answer a client’s call right away, get back to them as soon as possible–-think 24 hours or less. Make sure you follow up with clients regarding crucial case information. It is also important to take turns making contact with your clients, as you do not want to always make your client contact you first. 

Make a Personal Connection 

Attorneys need to treat their clients with dignity, respect, and compassion. While it is crucial to maintain unbiased, that does not mean you have to be cold or unsympathetic. Connect with your client by taking an interest in their personal life. Not only will that show them you care, but it will help you understand them and their situation more. 

Update Your Technology  

No matter what type of law you practice, you should have a well-designed and modern website. Take advantage of the existing technology to ensure your firm runs as efficiently as possible. Many clients will appreciate the ease of submitting documents online and having multiple ways to contact you. 

How to Use Lawyer Review Sites 

While personal referrals still happen, online reviews are often more valuable for clients seeking legal representation. To grow a positive online presence, you need to understand how and where to seek out reviews. 

Google Business Profile 

Generating a profile on Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business, ensures potential clients your firm is legitimate. Your profile will contain your hours of operation, phone number, website link, and direction information. This is all at no cost to you. You just have to populate the information. A Google Business Profile also gives clients a spot to leave feedback. 


Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms. If your law firm has a Facebook page (and it should), it creates a logical place for clients to leave reviews. 


Avvo rates attorneys on a 10-point scale. The site gathers public information on licensed attorneys and automatically creates profiles. To get the most benefit from Avvo, you need to register for free on the website and claim your profile. While Avvo takes into consideration client reviews, it also looks at factors like peer endorsements, awards, published works, professional affiliations, and certifications. 


Nolo has free and paid profile options. Creating a Nolo profile includes information about your firm, its specialties and philosophy, and its attorneys. In addition to your basic profile, you can publish articles on Nolo, buy ad space, and direct clients to leave their reviews. provides free services for individuals seeking legal guidance, including a lawyer directory and reviews, legal articles, attorney blogs, and a “ask a lawyer” forum. You can boost your profile ranking by participating in all of’s services. 


Yelp is a well-known, trusted website for reviews. It is entirely free and user-friendly. If you have a law firm profile on Yelp, clients can review your service, share photos, and provide details about your practice. 

How To Make the Review Process Simple 

No matter how many happy clients you have, there will undoubtedly be those who are not satisfied. Unfortunately, those who have had a positive experience are statistically less likely to leave an online review. As such, you must make reviewing an effortless process. Start by simply asking for reviews, send remainders, do not be afraid to stay consistent, and, if need be, look into using an online review service to streamline review collection. 

Ask for Reviews 

 Let your clients know how vital their feedback is to your business, and make it a priority to ask them to leave a review online. Reward your clients by saying thank you for taking the time to leave their kind comments, and respond gently to any negative feedback you receive because a gracious attitude can showcase your professionalism.

Send Reminders 

To increase your chances of getting a review, you will need to send reminders to some clients. Automated emails nudge clients to write a review without seeming overbearing. Include a review link in the email to make it easier for clients to provide their feedback. 

Remain Consistent

Client ratings and review counts are factoring into your website’s SERP rankings. You need to obtain consistent reviews to let Google know that you are providing a valuable and valued service. 

Utilize Online Review Services

Online review service companies can provide serious advantages when managing your online reputation. If you are struggling with managing your reviews, consider investing in an online review management system. A review management system can track those reviews and make it easier for you to respond.

Boost Law Firm Reviews, Improve Website SEO 

Remember that positive online reviews for your law firm can boost your website’s rankings, encourage potential clients to reach out, and set you apart from your competitors. Whether you ask for a review at your final meeting or in a future wrap-up email, make the process straightforward. The easier to make the review process, the more likely it is you will receive a five-star rating.