If any of your loved ones have been placed into custody for issues found in their immigration status such as nationality, you can opt to obtain an immigration bond to set them free until the time comes for them to appear in court.  

The mass influx of migrants seeking asylum from war and political instability in their home countries led to the detention of these migrants in the U.S. in the 1890s. In 1996, the President of the U.S. authorized mandatory detention by creating the Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigration Responsibility Act.

The physical conditions of the nation’s migrant detention centers have caused many human rights organizations to express their concerns regarding poor medical treatment and possible human rights abuse. This has raised the question of whether migrants have to be detained in detention facilities or issued with immigration bail bonds to secure their freedom as they wait to face the judge on scheduled court dates. An immigration bail bond company issues immigration bail bonds to migrants to secure their release from ICE’s detention centers.

Many people are unaware of the difference between immigration bonds and regular bail bonds, as well as how the former work. Immigration bonds issued to migrants are paid to the U.S. government to facilitate the release of detained immigrants from ICE’s custody. By paying the bond amount, the immigration bond company agrees that the detained immigrant will attend all their court dates as scheduled. The American government, through the law, only allows legal citizens of the U.S. or individuals with a green card to post an immigration bond. That means only a family member or friend is allowed to post bail if you’re a detained migrant. You can learn more about immigration bail bonds by visiting https://www.bobblockbailbonds.com/immigration-bonds/

Due to the increasing number of individuals being detained by immigration per year, there have been a lot of immigration bond companies that have been opening to serve clients who need this type of bail posted. These companies make a profit by posting bail for an individual in exchange for a fee which is a fraction of the total bail amount. Due to the number of companies available, it pays to step back and research the bail bonds company you are considering using to make sure they are reputable and reliable.

 There are a number of reasons why we must choose the best bail bond company to post your immigration bail. Being the ‘middle man’, this company will ensure your freedom prior to any court hearings, which is why they must be trusted to post bail once any conditions are met. 

Many less than ethical companies may ask detainees to pay the required fee first before they post bail, only to eventually run away with their money.  It’s not just rampant theft from companies that may be an issue, but some companies are also inexperienced with posting this type of bail which can cause delays with your release. These are just a few reasons that illustrate the importance of making sure you choose the best immigration bail bond company possible.

To effectively screen the choices of bail bond companies available, first, you should look into their experience in terms of posting immigration bail in the past. The longer the company has been operating, the more successful bail they have posted and the more clients they have fulfilled their duties to. Newer companies might be prone to make mistakes in the bail process and again, these errors can cause delays in posting your bail.   

You can also contact the agencies  past clients and ask them about their experience working with the company which will give you an idea of what it should be like when you work with that company. Get those previous customer’s opinions or reviews and find out if they encountered any issues while they were working with the agency. 

Lastly, establish contact with the company itself and get a feel for them in terms of how they deal with their clients. Simply talking about your case and getting to know a few individuals in the company can help you get a better feel of the company itself. Since this company will be responsible for your freedom from immigration custody, it is important that you trust the company and the individual you are working with before you decide to work with them.

While posting an immigration bail bond is easier today in years past with loosened guidelines and more bail bond companies at our disposal than ever before, it is still extremely important to make sure that you choose a reputable, professional, trustworthy company that delivers you the results you expect and are paying for.