In a potential case of police brutality, a shocking video was release showing Farmington New Mexico police officers shooting and killing 52-year-old Robert Dotson because the police were at the wrong address.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the bodycam footage shows an unimaginable series of events where Farmington Police showed up to the wrong address for a domestic abuse call, recognized they were at the wrong address, laughed about the situation, then shot and killed the resident of the house they were at before also shooting at his widow.

Police tape and barricade crime scene with cars after incident

On April 5, police officers from Farmington, NM were called out in a domestic situation and were apparently supposed to go to 5308 Valley View Avenue, however they wound up going to 5305 Valley View Avenue which is across the street. Officers knocked on the door of the wrong address as they realized they were at the wrong house. Officers announced themselves and can be heard confused and laughing as they realized they were at the wrong house, although it is unclear who in the police department (the officers or dispatch) got the address wrong.

The following series of events proved deadly, as Robert Dotson became the unwitting and innocent victim of a police shooting.

“Mistakes like this are completely unacceptable and those who make them must be held accountable,” said attorney Brian S. Colón, Managing Partner of Singleton Schreiber’s New Mexico offices. “Having been involved in multiple use of deadly force cases, I am confident better judgment was required.”

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Farmington New Mexico Police Shooting

After realizing their error, the three officers began discussing the mistake and then walked away from the front door. While the officers prepared to leave, Mr. Dotson appeared at the door with a gun raised toward the officers who panicked. The officers pulled their guns quickly, shooting and killing Mr. Dotson. Minutes later, Mr. Dotson’s now-widow began screaming and also appears at the door with a firearm. She fired her weapon at officers who returned fire.

Once the widow, Kimberly Dotson, realized it was police at the door, they put the gun down and complied with their commands. Thankfully, she was uninjured and was not charged with any crime. Officers involved in shooting and killing Richard Dotson were not identified but were said to be uninjured, and all three were placed on administrative leave. The incident happened around 11:30 PM.

According to reports, two of the officers were on the force for roughly five years, the other was on the force for roughly three years. At a press conference, Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe was unable to offer any explanation as to why this tragedy occurred.

Police Shootings and Police Brutality in Farmington New Mexico

An NPR report shows New Mexico ranks second in the country for police shootings per capita. In 2022, there were 32 people killed by police. In a state with 2.1 million people, that’s roughly 15 people per million. That’s second only to Wyoming. While Mr. Dotson was Caucasian, statistics show lethal force is even more frequent for black residents of New Mexico.

The police shooting in Farmington led to calls for statewide police reform, as well as better training for young officers. The Albuquerque Police Department has had historic difficulties with officers’ judgment in use-of-force situations. It was even investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for an apparent pattern of excessive force.

While this incident took place in Farmington, NM, Albuquerque Police have shot and killed more than 40 people since 2015. For cities with more than 500,000 residents, Albuquerque ranks second only to Las Vegas in fatal police shootings, higher than Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Francisco and New York City.

While there is an ongoing internal investigation, it’s possible the officers could face criminal charges for their behavior. In addition, there could be civil litigation over the wrongful death police shooting by these Farmington police officers.

“Our attorneys are fierce advocates for victims every day and will always champion justice in these types of tragedies,” Mr. Colón added.

Mr. Dotson is survived by his wife and at least one son.

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