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ambulance arrives to scene of motorcycle crash

NW ABQ Pedestrian & Motorcyclist Killed in Street Racing Crash

A motorcycle rider and a pedestrian lost their lives following a motorcycle race that led to a crash in Northwest Albuquerque on February 20th.  The...
danger sign depicted outside of gas leak

Gas Leaks Discovered Weeks Before South Jackson Explosions

A shocking report showed the service provider knew of leaks at sites before the natural gas explosions in Jackson that left one woman dead...
Emergency respondents arrive to scene of accident where a crashed motorcycle is on the ground

Kern County Off-Road Motorcycle Collision Involves Hoist Rescue

An off-road motorcycle collision in Kern County on February 10th required a hoist rescue near 25 Hill Road. At 12:06 p.m. Kern County firefighters were...
emergency vehicle arrives to scene of accident

Fiery Tesla Crash Kills 20-Year-Old California Man

A California driver died in a fiery Tesla crash after plowing into a pole when his vehicle hit the curb on February 11th on...

Monrovia Tractor-Trailer Crash Blocks 210 Freeway

A tractor-trailer overturned on the 210 Freeway overnight, resulting in a chain reaction collision. The big rig crash involved several other vehicles. At roughly 2:46...