An investigation by the Honolulu Fire Department has opened to determine the cause of a commercial building fire that erupted in Pearl City on November 12th

According to the Star Advertiser, the fire department received a call at 3:31 PM for a fire that began in a four-story building near Kamehameha Highway. Fire units arrived at the scene at around 3:37 PM to reports of smoke coming out of unit 116. 26 personnel responded to the fire with a total of seven units to help extinguish the fire. 

fire truck arrives to scene of building fire

The HFD stated that they used handlines to prevent the fire from spreading. All the floors were searched for fire and ventilators were used to clear the building of residual smoke. By 4:03 PM the fire was brought under control and was fully extinguished by 4:15 PM. 

The origin of the fire has not yet been determined or the estimated costs of damage.

“A four-story building that catches fire is dangerous and should never be taken lightly, thankfully the fire department was able to get the fire fully extinguished before it could spread elsewhere,” said Paul Starita, leading fire litigation attorney at Singleton Schreiber. “The techniques used by the firefighters helped tremendously in getting it put out so quickly.”

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Catastrophic Honolulu Commercial Building Fires

 Honolulu, a vibrant city known for its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and bustling commercial activities, has faced its share of challenges throughout history. One of the most devastating threats to the city’s landscape and economy has been catastrophic commercial building fires. Over the years, Honolulu has experienced several incidents that have left a lasting impact on the community.

While significant strides have been made in fire prevention and safety measures, modern Honolulu continues to face challenges in mitigating the risk of catastrophic commercial building fires. The city’s rapid urbanization and the presence of both historic and modern structures create a diverse landscape with varying fire safety standards. Aging infrastructure, combined with the high population density in certain areas, poses a constant challenge for fire prevention efforts.

In recent years, Honolulu has witnessed several catastrophic commercial building fires that have tested the city’s emergency response capabilities. One such incident occurred in 2019 when a fire broke out in a high-rise condominium, resulting in the evacuation of residents and significant property damage. The incident highlighted the need for ongoing efforts to update and enforce fire safety regulations, especially in high-density urban areas.

The aftermath of catastrophic commercial building fires extends beyond the physical damage to structures. These incidents have a profound impact on the local economy, displacing businesses, disrupting livelihoods, and affecting property values. Additionally, the psychological toll on residents and business owners cannot be underestimated, as the fear of recurrence lingers long after the flames have been extinguished.

In response to the ongoing threat of catastrophic fires, Honolulu has implemented various preventive measures and enhanced emergency preparedness. The city has invested in modernizing fire departments, updating building codes, and conducting public awareness campaigns to educate residents and businesses about fire safety practices. Collaborative efforts between government agencies, businesses, and community organizations are crucial in creating a comprehensive and effective fire prevention strategy.

As Honolulu continues to evolve and grow, the city faces the ongoing challenge of balancing development with the preservation of its unique cultural and historical heritage. Ensuring that new constructions adhere to strict fire safety standards and retrofitting older buildings to meet modern safety requirements are vital steps in mitigating the risk of catastrophic commercial building fires.

Honolulu’s history is marked by resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters, including catastrophic commercial building fires. While the city has made significant progress in enhancing its fire safety measures, ongoing vigilance, community engagement, and investment in modern infrastructure are essential to safeguarding Honolulu against future incidents. Through a collaborative and proactive approach, Honolulu can build a safer and more resilient future for its residents and businesses.

“At this time, the origin of the fire is unclear – that said, anyone affected by this fire should contact a knowledgeable Hawaii fire attorney who can assist in the investigation and any complexities that may arise,” added Mr. Starita.

Anyone impacted by the fire can contact Singleton Schreiber to get assistance on how to reclaim government documents, file legal claims and get help on next steps by calling 808-582-8062 or by emailing

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