ABC reported a tragic accident in Clovis, New Mexico. A motorcycle was involved in a crashed killing the rider.

According to ABC, 42 year old Shonta Hall was riding a Harley Davidson when the crash occurred at the intersection of Wheaton Street and Madison Road. The motorcycle collided with a GMC SUV.

ambulance arrives to scene of incident


Shonta Hall was ejected from the motorcycle and pronounced dead at the scene. The accident occurred Saturday, November 4th at roughly 6:17 in the evening.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated. The driver of the GMC is cooperating with authorities. This is only the most recent fatal motorcycle crash in Clovis, as this past August a 20 year old motorcyclist was killed on Nees and Sylmar. In that crash, Zein Al-Zoubi crashed into a white car and was killed.

“When a motorcycle collides with a car, the results can be tragic,” said Clovis motorcycle accident attorney Brian Colón, who is also the Managing Partner of Singleton Schreiber’s New Mexico offices. “Our hearts go out to the family of Shonta Hall, and hope both riders and drivers take greater caution on the roads.”

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Clovis Motorcycle Crashes

Fatal motorcycle accidents in Clovis, New Mexico, represent a tragic and concerning trend that has implications not only for the victims and their families but also for the broader community. These accidents, often resulting in devastating consequences, highlight the importance of motorcycle safety and the need for improved infrastructure and education.

One of the key factors contributing to fatal motorcycle accidents in Clovis is the city’s location and road conditions. Clovis is situated in eastern New Mexico, an area known for its vast stretches of open road and long, straight highways. While these highways may offer a sense of freedom and adventure for motorcyclists, they can also be treacherous. High speeds, coupled with unpredictable weather conditions such as sudden wind gusts and dust storms, can create hazardous situations for riders. Additionally, the lack of protective barriers and limited access to emergency medical services in some areas can exacerbate the severity of accidents.

Another significant factor is the need for enhanced motorcycle safety education and awareness programs. Many riders in Clovis, like in other parts of the country, may not have received proper training or may not be aware of the risks associated with motorcycling. Initiatives that promote safe riding practices, including the use of helmets, appropriate protective gear, and defensive driving techniques, could potentially reduce the number of fatal accidents.

Inadequate enforcement of traffic laws can also contribute to fatal motorcycle accidents. Law enforcement agencies in Clovis must prioritize monitoring and enforcing traffic laws, particularly those related to speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Enhanced law enforcement efforts can act as a deterrent and help create a safer environment for all road users.

Improving road infrastructure is another crucial aspect of addressing this issue. Clovis should consider investing in better-designed roads and highways that are motorcycle-friendly. This includes the addition of proper signage, well-maintained road surfaces, and the creation of designated motorcycle lanes. These improvements can help reduce the risk of accidents and provide motorcyclists with a safer riding experience.

Lastly, community involvement and support are essential in addressing the problem of fatal motorcycle accidents in Clovis. Local organizations, businesses, and residents can collaborate with law enforcement, safety advocates, and government agencies to raise awareness and promote safe riding practices. This can involve organizing safety workshops, fundraising for protective gear giveaways, and participating in community outreach programs.

Fatal motorcycle accidents in Clovis, New Mexico, are a serious concern that requires a multifaceted approach to address. Improved road infrastructure, increased enforcement of traffic laws, enhanced motorcycle safety education, and community involvement are all critical components of efforts to reduce these tragic incidents. By working together, the Clovis community can make its roads safer for all residents and visitors.

“The next steps for the family of this poor person who died is to contact an attorney right away,” Mr. Colón added. “There are so many issues, including the investigation, that require an attorney who can sort through the chaos while the family focuses on mourning this awful loss.”

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