In this day and age a website is mandatory for doing business. This is even more so for a professional in the legal industry. The problem within this industry is that there are so many crooks knocking at the door of the legal professional and knowing what to avoid could not only save you money and time, but importantly your search engine rankings. This article came to mind after seeing about the 5th or 6th legal professional get scammed out of huge dollars and setting their optimization strategies backwards in time. The following is a mini guide on what you should know and also what to look out for when starting or making major changes to your seo program.

The Fundamental Costs: The items found here are items you will have to pay for no matter what. Either you manage the account to handle these costs or they are absorbed by your seo or web guy.

  • URL/Domain Registration
  • Mail Server
  • Website Hosting

Website Build Costs

  • Initial Build
  • Website Re-design

Website Development & Optimization Costs

  • Content Growth
  • Geo/Location Growth
  • Re-work of on-site optimization

Off Site Optimization Costs

  • Blogging
  • Link Building
  • NAP

Absolutly BEWARE of the following: