Auto accidents happen due to a number of reasons. It’s a shame that the leading reasons include those that can be avoided easily enough. This article gives a list of those reasons, as published by the California Highway Patrol (‘CHP’) in 2015.

  1. Distracted driving is the primary cause of auto accidents, injuries and deaths in California. Distracted driving comprises engaging in any activity while driving. Using your phone while driving for messaging, or changing songs, checking on the children, eating, fiddling with the sound system in the car are all examples of distracted driving.
  2. Second on the list of reasons for auto accidents is speeding. Everybody feels like speeding sometimes, but the fact that it is the second most common reason lives are lost in car accidents cannot be ignored. The faster you drive, the greater the risk at which you put yourself, and the more difficult it becomes to avert an accident.
  3. Aggressive driving is the third reason on the list. Cutting across and in front of other cars, abruptly switching lanes, yelling abuse or gesticulating at other drivers and even tailgating all come under the category of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving by its very nature is dangerous, and is illegal.
  4. Driving under the Influence (‘DUI’) is the fourth most common contributing factor for auto accidents in California. It is obvious as to why this is dangerous. You are not in control and the chances of making errors in judgment while driving, are amplified.
  5. Last on the list is driving while fatigued. It is the main reason behind truck accidents. There isn’t much difference between impaired driving and fatigued driving. The chances of making perceptual errors while driving in such a state are very high.

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