DUI arrests happen in California every day. There are as many as 140,000 DUI arrests every year. With high figures, there is need to ensure a proper process of rehabilitation for convicted DUI individuals. DUI programs help restore the integrity of the transport system by instilling values of road safety to DUI offenders.

DUI programs mainly take place either as part of a court ordered process or as a means of reinstating one’s driving privileges. DUI offenders are often required to take DUI classes as part of the sentencing.

The scope and period of a DUI program depends on the duration the court ordered. DUI classes typically happen anywhere between 6 weeks to 30 months. The period of the program also depends on the circumstances of the DUI offense such as the BAC level at the time of the offense and whether or not an individual has a record of prior DUI arrests.

The court hearing will set a date of completion for the program. Upon completion of the program, the DUI offender will present their proof of enrollment and certificate of completion to the DMV or the court as evidence that they have successfully completed the program.

What Happens if I Miss a DUI Class?

While institutions that provide DUI programs are not maximum security places, the law still requires DUI offenders in the program to adhere to the terms of the program. Attending classes is not voluntary because it is a court ordered process, but attendees are allowed some leeway to miss a few classes.

The number of classes one can miss depends on the type of program. Each program has a maximum number of sessions an attendee can miss. However, if a DUI offender misses a class they have to make sure they make up for it with another class or the provider will not issue a certificate of completion at the end of the period.

For example, participants enrolled in the 12 hour program for 6 weeks can miss 2 sessions, while participants of the 30 month program are allowed 15 missed days. If one misses more classes than the limit, they risk getting kicked out of the program, which may ultimately lead to probation of violation charges or a revoked license.

What Happens If I Don’t Take My DUI Classes

Because DUI programs are mandatory court ordered procedures, failing to attend classes carries heavy penalties. If one is taking their DUI classes to have their license privileges reinstated, not attending DUI programs may lead to the DMV suspending their driver’s license or completely revoking their restricted license.

On the other hand, skipping classes for a court ordered DUI program is a very serious offense. This is considered a violation of probation. The court is likely to issue a warrant for an arrest. Upon arrest, the offender can face the maximum sentence for DUI charges, which include prison sentencing.

DUI cases often pose a challenge to the offender’s future wellbeing. Having a DUI on one’s record can bar you from a series of opportunities. Don Hammond is a criminal defense attorney in California with a vast knowledge on how to handle DUI cases. With his counsel and expertise, he helps all of his clients get their lives back on track and better than before.