Internet privacy is a concern for many people, and the issue will only become greater as technology advances. A current concern for some people is facing phenomenon commonly known to as Google’s permanent record. Google-related issues can arise under the following conditions:

  1. A person has gotten arrested
  2. A local newspaper published the incident
  3. The charges were dropped or the person’s criminal record was expunged
  4. The arrest article is still memorialized online

A person facing Google’s permanent record can find difficulty in having a long-lasting record, even if the criminal record itself is no longer there. When that person’s name is searched via Google or other search engine, the person’s arrest record will remain visible.

Possible Consequences of an Online-Based Record

For some people, having an online record does not seem like a big deal. The reality is, however, that having a record online can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Some of the most common challenges can involve:

  • When an employer searches the candidates name and finds that the candidate involved in a sensitive circumstance, whether this circumstance is illegal or not.
  • A person who is unable to obtain a promotion because of a pardoned error he or she committed at a younger age.
  • A person who is dating or meeting somebody new has his or her name searched and the results of the search affect potential relationships.

It is unjust for individuals who have had their criminal record pardoned by the judicial system continue to find challenges because of a published online article. Regrettably, published articles are not legally obligated to retract their publication.

First Amendment Rights: The Challenges Presented By Free Speech

When it comes to the battles between news articles versus an individual’s reputation, the laws are more inclined to be on the side of the publishing company. Under the First Amendment, news agencies have the legal right to report valid and true information. These agencies have no obligation to un-publish any posted article.

Obtain the Legal Support of a Qualified Attorney

If you have recently discovered that there is an article published about your past that is not factual or it is concerning a criminal charge that was expunged, it is important to know that you have the right to challenge the publishing. Although the process of un-publishing an online article is not easy, a skilled attorney can help you in your pursuit of clearing your name.

News articles and publications about an expunged criminal should not affect you in your personal life. Unfortunately, this can happen to many people, even in cases where the publication is several years old. Obtain the legal support of a skilled attorney who can help you in clearing your name from Google’s permanent record.

The attorneys at the Brett O’Brien Law, LLC are highly skilled in helping individuals clear damaging published online articles. The firm is dedicated in helping people fight for their opportunity to a new beginning after a criminal charge was dropped or expunged. If you need to remove an article from the Internet, seek proficient legal support today.