According to an article posted in The Sun on August 15, 2017, toll roads in the Inland Empire have grown not only in the amount built, but also by the popularity in use by drivers. In March, toll roads in the Inland area were created with the opening of the 91 Express Lanes in Corona. These lanes are not the only to be built as plans are in the process to open more in the near future across California.

Toll roads are becoming more popular among transportation agencies in California because of the funds they acquire from their use in which those funds can use to finance freeway improvements as well as how toll roads are able to manage congestion on freeways. The Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are just two, in which billions of dollars will be spent to continue adding toll roads to freeways in order to provide congestion control. There is also talk about opening a set of toll roads from the 60 freeway to Highway 395 in Hesperia. The success of these roads is proving to transportation agencies that the money spent on the creation of these roads is well worth it, however there is possibility of this success gradually ceasing because as more lanes open there will be more motorists who want to occupy them.

An unexpected result, but almost certain, more drivers means more auto accidents, both minor and severe. Toll roads during the busiest of hours can be bumper to bumper. Frustrated drivers often try to change lanes or weave in and out of traffic as they conclude this method to be efficient for them, with little regard to those around. However, in one wrong move innocent motorists’ cars can be hit and depending on how severe the collision, the victims may be left with severe personal injury/trauma or substantial vehicle damage. Even if the damage is minor, victims of auto accidents on the freeway are still entitled to compensation to cover the cost of the damages. If this has happened to you or anyone you may know, it is important that you do your research and find an attorney that can expertly represent you and has a results driven history of dealing with these types of cases.

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