If you have ever been arrested or criminally convicted, you may have the opportunity to get the offense expunged off your record. The following are some of the most common benefits of having your criminal record expunged.

Job Inquiries – Perhaps one of the most common benefits of getting a criminal record expunged is that relating to a job inquiry. If you are interested in getting a job or are interested in a promotion, getting a criminal expungement can help you secure the job. Criminal background checks are common in almost every company and having a criminal record can severely affect your chances of getting hired for a particular job. Many employers will regularly ask individuals if they have ever been convicted of a crime. While not every crime will be eligible for an expungement, it is likely that the expungement can help your opportunity of being hired. Those who have successfully expunged a record have the opportunity to withhold the criminal past from the hiring employer. In some areas, laws will also prevent a hiring employer from probing a job seeker about the expunged record.

Obtaining a State License – If you are interested in obtaining a license, many states will prevent the license on the basis of a criminal record. Obtaining an expungement, however, can pave the way for your application to be successfully processed. Some of the most common license applications that can be affected by a criminal record may include, but are not limited to the following:

Other professions that can be affected include those that are involved in public offices or those that involve working with children.

It is important to recognize, however, that many agencies will provide a person with a criminal conviction a license if the person has successfully obtained an expungement for their criminal record.

Admittance Into an Organization – There are countless of organizations that will require applicants to submit a criminal background check in order to be admitted as a member of the organization. If you have a criminal conviction or arrest, this record can affect your admittance into such organizations. While this may not seem a necessary factor, many citizens will find that being part of an organization is very common.

Witness Credibility – Depending on the region in which you seek to obtain an expungement in, your credibility as a witness in a court proceeding may be tarnished if you have a criminal background. It could be very easy for the opposing party to discredit your version of events if you have a criminal background. If, however, you have your record expunged, the opposing party will not be able to bring your criminal past in the case.

The Bottom Line – If you have a criminal background, it can be beneficial for you to get the record expunged. Apart from having the opportunity to seek employment, there are several other key benefits to getting a criminal record expunged.

If you have a criminal history, consider seeking the advice of a qualified attorney who can help you with the expungement process. An expungement attorney with the right background can assist you with the process.