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There was an apartment fire today in northeast Albuquerque. According to fire rescue personnel, one person was killed.

News outlets such as KOB4 reported that Albuquerque Fire Rescue crews responded to the fire just before 7:00 AM. The complex was near Wyoming and Copper, just along Utah Street. There were also reports of someone trapped inside. That person was later found to have died.

Singleton Schreiber Comments on Albuquerque Apartment Fire

“This is a tragedy. These types of events cost lives, and create fear and terror in neighborhoods,” said Singleton Schreiber New Mexico Managing Partner Brian Colón, “while apartments can be rebuilt, families who lose loved ones can never be made whole.”

The Albuquerque apartment fire at the multi-story complex sent heavy smoke throughout the neighborhood. Firefighters directly attacked the fire to bring it under control, but it was too late by that point to save the person’s life. Thankfully, no firefighters were injured. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Albuquerque, New Mexico has seen a variety of deadly apartment fires throughout the city over the years. With a population of just under one million, there are 22 fire stations which cover 189 square miles. In 2021, there were 900 structure fires reported, up from 793 in 2020.

Apartment fires are a significant concern for the residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In recent years, the city has seen a rise in the number of these types of fires, causing property damage and even loss of life. Understanding the causes and taking necessary precautions is crucial to preventing these devastating incidents.

One of the primary causes of apartment fires is electrical failures. Faulty electrical systems in older apartment buildings can be a major problem due to aging wires, outdated breaker panels, and overloading electrical outlets. In many cases, the owners of apartment buildings fail to properly inspect the property, and building inspectors from the city are often too overwhelmed to do routine checkups.

Another significant cause of apartment fires in Albuquerque is smoking. Cigarettes, lighters, and matches can all cause fires when not properly extinguished. Landlords can help prevent smoking-related fires by banning smoking inside apartment buildings and enforcing the rule strictly.

Cooking is another prominent cause of fires inside apartment complexes, and unattended cooking has been known to start small fires that spread quickly. If grease or oil is involved, a fire can get hot quickly and burn out of control.

Space heaters and portable heaters are another common fire starter, especially during the winter months. They can quickly overheat and cause electrical fires. It’s crucial to ensure that space heaters are placed in areas with adequate ventilation and never left unattended.

Singleton Schreiber works with thousands of people throughout New Mexico, helping them with fire litigation. While a majority of those people were impacted by the Hermits Peak Calf Canyon Fires & Floods, the firm’s attorneys also work with people who lost their homes, businesses, and even loved ones to structure fires. Structure fires can include houses, apartments, or places of business.

Brian Colón, the former New Mexico State Auditor, has more than 30 years of experience serving people, and he’s seen these types of fires cause massive problems for people.

“There are people now who will miss their loved one forever,” Mr. Colón said, “and unfortunately there are also people who will have to move during a time of deep economic insecurity and uncertainty.”

In September of last year, an apartment fire displaced 31 residents. Although firefighters work hard to put these fires out, the impact on residents often goes far beyond escaping the initial blaze. One of the biggest fights they can face is dealing with insurance companies trying to deny claims. This can cause a snowball effect, which makes it difficult to afford housing, a new vehicle and even food .

As the premier fire litigation firm in the United States, attorneys at Singleton Schreiber have already delivered more than $2 billion to their clients over the years. With a particular expertise in assisting New Mexico residents with fire problems, the firm and its attorneys stand ready to help anyone facing serious legal challenges.

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