Protest Results in Auto vs. Pedestrian Accidents

A 56-year-old man was arrested on the afternoon of October 26th for driving into a crowd of peaceful protesters described in a recent online article by The Press-Enterprise. Brea resident Daniel Wenzek was arrested at the intersection near Rep. Ed Royce’s office on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon. The man’s motive for driving through the crowd is unknown and is still being investigated; however, luckily no serious injuries were reported. According to the article, the protest started with 150 to 200 supporters of Temporary Protected Status demonstrating near Royce’s downtown office at around 1 p.m. The whole demonstration lasted about 20 minutes and remained peaceful until the car came and rammed through the protest crowd. Police reported that the demonstration was almost over and the protestors were moving from the streets as Wenzek slowly began driving through the crowds. Police arrested him immediately but Wenzek was released later in the afternoon pending further investigation.

Demonstrations often bring high energy and demonstrators and bystanders alike can be on edge due to large crowds and a certain level of unpredictability. Agitated drivers can become violent as their impatience overcomes their sense of calm and certainty. Protestors can also provoke drivers, causing them to get riled and make instant and disastrous decisions. With respect to protests and demonstrations on or near roadways, protestors can also get caught in a driver’s blind spot and become instant targets for injury. It is also possible that drivers can just become overwhelmed in their surrounding and lose control of their can the midst of unfamiliar confusion. Whether angry, nervous, or provoked, serious and fatal accidents can occur and they can be life changing.

Pedestrians Have Rights as Victims of Serious Accidents

Even though the man may be charged with criminal charges by the County district attorney, victims of accidents like this can still pursue personal injury claims in civil court. They can fight for compensation for damages and injury they suffered as a result of negligent driving.  It is important for the victims to find an attorney that is familiar with injury claims as a result of negligent drivers and even those with more sinister motives. An attorney that will invest their full time, experience and dedication to the case of victims is one that can provide potential for the best outcome for a victim found in a situation like this.

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