In a recent article posted on the Department’s website, the California DMV made an announcement regarding the new REAL ID Driver Licenses and ID Cards due to roll out in 2018. Starting January 22, 2018, at DMV offices statewide, Californians may choose to apply for either a REAL ID or a federal non-compliant card. The new REAL ID/ Driver License cards will be required for any person boarding a domestic flight or entering certain Federal facilities. If one does not wish to obtain these cards then that would mean they do not fly, or do not plan to visit a military base or certain federal facilities. Not everyone is in need of a REAL ID and will have the option to apply for a federal non-compliant driver license or ID card at the DMV if they wish. According to the article, valid California driver licenses and ID cards will continue to be accepted by TSA to board a domestic flight and by federal agents to enter certain Federal facilities until October 1, 2020. After that date, a REAL ID or other federally accepted ID will be required. The DMV wants to remind customers they do not have to come into a field office immediately to apply for a REAL ID card. You may still use a valid California driver license or ID card for federal purposes until October 1, 2020. Customers can always use a passport, military ID, or TSA-approved identification documents in lieu of a federally approved driver license when traveling.

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