Although riding a motorcycle can be exciting, fun, and economical, the inherent safety risks associated with riding necessitates caution and prudence.  Because the roads are filled with distracted, intoxicated, and otherwise careless motorists, the most careful motorcyclists can be involved in a crash.  Given the vulnerability of riders, all motorcycle crashes tend to be fairly dangerous.  Motorcycle accident litigation requires special expertise and knowledge regarding the handling dynamics of a bike, common prejudices harbored against riders, and legal standards that apply specifically to motorcyclists.

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Proper Safety Gear Should Be Worn: Vehicle occupants in cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs have an array of safety features that include seat belts, lap belts, airbags, and a reinforced passenger compartment.  Since even a minor motorcycle accident can cause severe injury, proper protective gear is essential.  A helmet can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing traumatic brain injuries that constitute the leading cause of motorcycle fatalities.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcycle helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle fatalities and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries.

Motorcycle Riders Need a Longer Stopping Distance: Because of the lack of stability associated with a two-wheeled vehicle, motorcyclists cannot engage the brakes of their vehicle as aggressively as drivers of passenger cars.  The need to reduce speed while operating a motorcycle less aggressively means that riders must allow for increased braking distance to avoid laying a bike down.

Downshifting Will Result in Reduced Speed: Many people who ride motorcycles suffer serious injury when they are rear-ended by a motorist.  A fair number of motorcycles do not have brake lights that are activated when a rider downshifts.  Riding enthusiasts must be especially aware of motorists who are tailgating because the drivers might not be able to tell the bike’s speed is slowing if the brake lights do not light up.

Minor Road Hazards Can Constitute a Major Problem: Government officials and the media often lament our deteriorating roadways, few travelers face greater danger from our failing infrastructure than motorcyclists.  A minor pothole, cracked or uneven pavement, or another minor road defect that might not even be noticeable to someone in a passenger car can be extremely dangerous to the rider of a two-wheeled vehicle.

Police Accident Reports Often Reflect Bias Against Motorcyclists: While the “outlaw biker” stereotype has long been out-of-date, many riders still suffer from lingering negative generalizations about riders being reckless and prone to unsafe practices like speeding.  A potentially bigger issue involves the fact that motorcyclists often suffer injuries that require immediate transportation to a hospital.  If a motorcyclist is in the emergency room when the officer is investigating the accident and interviewing witnesses, the report often will favor the driver of the passenger car who was available to explain his or her side of the story at the crash scene.

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