In a majority of cases, a traveler who has petitioned for the use of the TSA’s Global Entry program benefits, should expect a conditional letter of approval upon submitting a completed application. Once the conditional letter of approval has been received, the traveler will need to schedule a Global Entry interview.

If you have scheduled for a Global Entry interview, there are several factors you should consider that can help you prepare for the interview. While many applicants are accepted into the program, there are countless of others who are denied benefits. If you have recently submitted an application and was ultimately denied, speak to a well-versed attorney who can help you appeal the decision. Denied applications are not the final, and an applicant has the legal right to request an appeal.

Materials Regularly Requested

In order to have the best opportunity at a successful interview, it is important to attend the interview well prepared. The following is a list of documents that are routinely required in a Global Entry interview:

  • The conditional letter with an invitation for the interview – This letter will contain the applicant’s traveler’s number. This is known as a CBP PASSID. Upon final application approval, this is the same number that will be used in the applicant’s Global Entry card.

If the document has been forgotten or lost, the number can be obtained by logging into the Trusted Traveler Programs account.

  • A valid passport or residency identification card – In the event that a government issued identification has been expired or the address is not up to date, there are other documents that could be submitted. If there is an issue with the documents provided, the applicant can challenge the issue. With the support of a specialized attorney, even a rejected application can be contested.
  • Any documents that demonstrate residency – Some of the most useful documents that can help to demonstrate an applicant’s residence involve bank statements, utility bills, or mortgage payment statements.

Seek the Support of a Qualified Attorney for Global Entry Denials

The TSA’s Global Entry program has many benefits that frequent travelers can use. The program is routinely used by those who travel for work-related reasons, as the program facilitates entry into the country. Although any person can apply for Global Entry, not everyone who applies will be accepted into the program. Those who have been denied could and should contest the denied application. While the appeals process can be time consuming and demand extra costs, the benefits of an approval can be beneficial for those who routinely use the program.

The attorneys at the National Security Law Firm are highly proficient in the field of Global Entry program appeals. The firm is dedicated to helping travelers who have received a denial obtain the necessary documentation to be entered into the program. Being rejected from the program should not be the final decision; those who have been rejected have the right to an appeal. Speak to a qualified attorney who can help you build a strong application for an approval.