In a recent article by The Sun, 41-year-old passenger Delmy Mejia Viera of Hesperia was caught in a head on collision on a Monday afternoon in December. Viera was the front passenger in a GMC Sierra truck that was headed east on the highway between Acorn and Pine Tree roads at 1:30 p.m. At the same time a westbound GMC dual-axle truck coming from the other direction crossed into the eastbound lane causing the two to collide head-on. Viera died at the scene and the other two people in her car were airlifted, as well as the occupant of the other truck, to a nearby hospital. The case is still being investigated by police.

Vehicle collisions happen every day, but until it happens to us we feel unstoppable and even invincible in our vehicles. We never want to imagine and unfortunate event such as the one described here could happen to us or to a loved one as they can be life changing or even worse, fatal. It was not stated why the other driver came into the wrong lane but with driver distraction becoming more of a problem with increased technology use while driving or possible driving under the influence, one could be a feasible explanation to the incident. Despite how it happened, a family will never be the same because of the other driver’s mistakes. A loved one was lost and the other passengers in the cars could have serious injury that may never be remedied, or could inhibit them from working and living a normal and full life.

In any auto accident in California the victim may have right to compensation. Though Viera faced an unfortunate end, her family, as well as the other passengers in her car, can file wrongful death claims or personal injury claims against the other driver if they are found to be negligent and or responsible. These types of cases can be tricky to go through alone, it is important to find an expert attorney that will put forward all of their best efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Do not settle for less when insurance companies want to make quick settlements, find an attorney as they can bring in the most compensation to help cover the cost of vehicle or personal damage. Act fast and do your research as personal injury and wrongful death claims are time sensitive in nature in California.

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