The New Year started with a bang, our case loads have tripled and, our staff is overwhelmed with work. Now, we are nearing the end of the first quarter gearing up for the June-Storm, when our firm goes to even higher gear and makes it all look like a synchronized swimming team bouncing three elephants, four lions and the seven dwarfs, simultaneously.  Not a pretty picture if you ask me.

Years of experience have accumulated a few things we like to call the Dirty Facts about the world of Lawyerism.  I think it is time we share a few lines from this long, wisdom-drenched book.

Fact Number One – As much as you would like us to, we do not memorize your case details. In fact, we try to forget about it so we can focus on the next case-folder stacked on our desk. It takes a great deal of effort to clear your mind from one complex subject and then make your way into another. Sometimes we need to take distracting breaks to help with the process. So next time you call your lawyer, try to include the previously known facts to your new question, request or other, because we do need a reminder.

Fact Number Two – Not all lawyers are rich, most lawyers barely make it to the end of the month, and some even come up short before the 1st of the month. Just like most working people, attorneys too have challenges when it comes to revenue. Practicing law in Los Angeles can be very costly. Rent, health insurance, transportation and advertisement are among the highest in the nation, even the state.  Yes, I drive a Prius and I love it.

Fact Number Three – We do not tell anyone the great stories about your case. It was, is and always will be confidential. Sadly this makes us very boring at cocktail parties.

Fact number Four – All lawyers are loud, expressive and ferocious? Perhaps in court and, when it is needed.  Not all of us have the same style or character. We live in Hollywood but don’t live in a movie. The judge will hear your argument perfectly fine if you are a loud or soft speaker.

Fact Number Five – It is true, the best Personal Injury Lawyers will do everything they can to keep you out of court. Should you ever have a lawyer who is pressuring you to ultimately reach court, make sure you consult with two or more attorneys, because you might have a “bad-apple” on your hands. In most cases, reaching an agreement before going to court is the best for all parties involved, except for the lawyer, who is being deceitful and hungry to make an extra buck on your expense. Going to court will prolong the process and the outcome is unpredictable and to top it all, very expensive!

Save yourself the trouble and headache, research your case with the help of three or more lawyers who specialize in the type of your case. Personal injury, accident, criminal, DUI, divorce are all good at what they do. Use Yelp as a research tool for top Five-Star review rating and read the comments. Prepare yourself well and don’t be afraid of us, we bite like sharks, but only when in court.

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