72-year-old Moreno Valley resident Juan Rios was reported dead in a recent article by The Press-Enterprise. Early morning around 4:20 a.m. a crash occurred between Rios and another driver as he was driving his car in the 2000 block of East Alessandro Boulevard, Riverside police said. A black 2009 Kia Sorento was traveling east on Alessandro and crossed over the center median before hitting Rios’ van. Rios was found dead due to the impact and his 66-year-old passenger was in critical condition. Firefighters had to cut Rios out of the car because the damages to the large vehicle were so detrimental. The driver in the 2009 Kia Sorento was a 26-year old Perris resident, and his passenger, a 22-year-old Moreno Valley resident, suffered moderate injuries. Investigators are looking into whether or not drugs were involved in the accident.

Despite possible criminal charges that could be brought by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, the driver of the Kia can also face personal injury and wrongful death claims in a civil proceeding as well as California DMV license administrative hearings. Depending on filing and outcome of charges, the 26-year-old could be looking at time in prison, having his license taken away, and many more setbacks.

After traffic accidents involving death, the DMV can attempt to suspend or revoke licenses at “fatality hearings”. Regardless of criminal charges, the DMV is obligated to keep drivers safe by investigating and removing unsafe drivers from California roadways. Fatality hearings are a category of negligent operator hearings. As the ability to maintain their license and opportunity to work and provide income are at risk for drivers at fault, it is important for them to do their research in order to find a qualified team of DMV Defense Experts that can expertly represent them in any DMV Administrative hearing.

California Drivers Associates is a team of highly trained DMV Defense Administrative Advocates that can help defend people at fatality hearings when their license and driving privileges are at risk of suspension or revocation. Rob Collier is the President and CEO of the business. Mr. Collier is a Distinguished Graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics School. As a member of an Orange County DUI task force, Mr. Collier has made more than 1,000 arrests for DUI. He has also written or reviewed more than 4,000 DUI arrest reports. Visit Rob and his team at their website or contact them at 1-888-281-5244 as they will be happy to answer any questions you may have at a no cost obligation.