Birth-related injuries could occur through a variety of ways. At times, these injuries are genetic or can occur through other natural causes. Birth-related injuries, however, are avoidable when a medical professional has been negligent or has otherwise acted carelessly in the birthing process. The following are some of the most common examples in which a mother or infant can experience being injured by a medical specialist as well as the cost that these types of injuries leave behind.

Different Forms of Birth-Related Injuries Caused By Medical Negligence

The birth of a newborn is a difficult medical procedure that requires delicate care and attention on behalf of the medical specialist handling the baby’s delivery. During this procedure, both the infant as well as the mother require of special attention. According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are an average of 5 infant deaths for every 1000 live births. While an infant’s death can be the result of many different things, being under the care of a specific medical specialist should never be. The following list highlights some of the most devastating medical injuries a newborn can undergo during birth

  • Folic Acid
    • While folic acid can be a vital nutrient that could help a newborn’s wellbeing, overdosing on folic acid can be dangerous. When a mother is prescribed the incorrect dose of folic acid during her pregnancy, this can have serious consequences.
    • Some of the most serious consequences that can happen from an overdose of folic acid can include, but are not limited to: a baby’s neural tube disorder, a premature birth, and even a miscarriage.
  • Reduction of Blood Flow
    • The birthing process is a medical procedure that requires attentiveness and care. A reduction of a baby’s blood flow can have serious consequences. In just a few minutes, a baby can suffer a tremendous loss of brain cells.
    • A few of the main causes of a reduction of blood flow include a mother’s overmedication as well as infections.
  • Intellectual Disabilities
    • A baby can suffer with lifelong intellectual disabilities if he or she suffered trauma before or during the birthing process.
    • The most common way for a baby to suffer from intellectual disabilities, beside genetic causes, is through suffering from a lack of oxygen to the brain.
  • C-Section Risk
    • A mother’s risk to injury becomes greater when she undergoes a C-Section delivery. Another vital moment in which a medical doctor should be cautious of during delivery is ensuring that there is no abnormal bleeding post-delivery and in the event that there is, making sure that the proper and reasonable steps are taken to ensure the mother’s wellbeing.
  • Wrongful Death
    • Both a baby and a mother can be injured during the delivery process, which can lead to the death of either patient.
    • A competent medical specialist can greatly help to reduce the mother’s and infant’s risk of death.

The Cost of a Birth-Related Medical Malpractice Injury

Both infants and mothers are susceptible to injuries caused by a negligent medical specialist and or other hospital staff. Their injuries can transpire both before and during the infant’s birth. Due to the sensitive nature of a pregnancy, many injuries can have permanent consequences. An infant’s injury can quickly result, but is not limited to, the following burdens:

  • Lifelong medical care
  • Inability to perform normal body functions
  • Physical disabilities such as the inability to see, walk, or speak
  • Mental disabilities
  • High medical costs
  • Costs related to other forms of specialized treatment
  • The inability to pertain to a normal standard of living

Mothers run similar risks when undergoing treatment at a medical facility. With the lack of reasonable care, a mother can face many life-changing disabilities or in a worst-case scenario, the mother runs the risk of infertility.

The Bottom Line

If you have suffered injuries during a pregnancy or delivery due to the negligence of the overseeing medical specialist, consult a qualified medical malpractice attorney. It is important to note that many states have imposed time restrictions that limit the window of opportunity to file a claim. These time restrictions are known as statute of limitations. Consult with a qualified attorney who can guide you through the process of filing for a birth injury medical malpractice claim.

Attorney Justin H. King has extensive litigation experience in the field of birth-related injury claims. If you were injured in the course of a pregnancy or through the delivery process, you may be entitled for compensation. The injuries sustained from a birth injury can leave you or the baby with lifelong consequences. It is vital to obtain the support of a qualified attorney who can champion for your rights. Attorney H. King has extensive experience in dealing with birth-related injuries. Birth-related injury claims are time sensitive; contact the support of a professional attorney as soon as possible.