In an article by The Press-Enterprise, a pedestrian was struck and killed in San Bernardino early Jan. 28, 2018. The victim was walking eastbound on Baseline Street, west of University Parkway, in San Bernardino when a driver in a 1999 Infinity Q45 struck the man and then crashed into an Edison pole. The collision happened just before 5 a.m., the suspect has not been publicly identified but was believed to be under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. The suspect fled the scene but was later caught by police. As for the victim, he was found dead at the scene in the vehicle.


The loss of a family member can be devastating and very financially damaging for a family. It is a whirlwind of grieving and planning for a funeral, which can be a tough process to navigate through, especially if one does it alone. Alcohol is one of the leading factors in vehicle collisions and it is not un-common for those accidents to result in someone losing their life. So many lives have been lost because other drivers on the road have felt like they were okay to drive even though they may have known they were above the legal limit. Driver’s need to remember that alcohol and prescription pills can affect the stableness of a driver, and in one quick second a life could be changed forever.


Unfortunately a live was lost in the incident described above, and now the family has to try to plan a funeral while fighting for the victim’s rights with a wrongful death suit. Even though the person is deceased, wrongful death claims can still be pursued on their behalf. The family has every right to go after compensation for the damages that the negligent driver caused. While there will likely be criminal charges in criminal court, that does not mean a personal injury or wrongful death claim cannot be initiated. Trying to navigate through a tough time like this on one’s own can be very difficult. However, hiring an attorney can lift some of the weight as they can help sort out the legal side of things and bring in more compensation rather settling with insurance companies. Attorneys can file claims, go after settlements, and even go to jury trials to advocate for your case. It is important that the victim’s family finds an experienced attorney that has the background knowledge and history in these types of cases to ensure the best outcome will be achieved for their cases. Do not do it alone, this can be a confusing and troublesome time if you try alone you may be giving up compensation that is due with accepting initial offers from insurance companies.


If you have lost a family due to another negligent driver’s actions it is best that you do your research and find an attorney that will dedicate their time and best efforts to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Justin H. King is an experienced personal injury attorney that represents victims in wrongful death claims. The Law Offices of Justin H. King provides representation for victims involved in serious and traumatic accidents that occurred in the Inland Empire and surrounding. Mr. King vigorously and compassionately represents his injury victims against insurance companies as he has achieved numerous six and seven figure results for his clients.