A three-year-old died after being struck by a vehicle in a Chula Vista strip mall parking lot on May 28th

Details as to how the fatal crash occurred have not yet been provided, but the incident took place in Chula Vista’s Eastlake neighborhood at around 6:20 PM. The parking lot of the strip mall is off Showroom Place and Fenton Street, north of Otay Lakes Road according to Chula Vista police. 

Paramedics arriving to scene of incident

About a dozen businesses are said to be situated near the parking lot in which the incident took place, including an indoor children’s play center, a go-kart track, and several eateries.  A 911 caller told police that the child had been struck by a vehicle and medical aid was provided by officers when they arrived at the scene. 

The child was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital located in San Diego, where the child died. The victim’s gender has not yet been identified. 

The driver, 36, involved in the incident remained at the scene and was not believed to be intoxicated or under the influence. The Police Department’s traffic bureau was investigating the crash and reported that only one vehicle was involved and the cause of the crash has not yet been reported. 

“The location in which this tragic collision took place was surrounded by family friendly businesses and that makes this horrific incident that much worse,” said Gerald Singleton personal injury attorney at Singleton Schreiber. “The factors of the crash have not yet been reported. However, two parents and several loved ones now must mourn this unimaginable passing. Our thoughts go out to all of them for this loss.”

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Chula Vista Pedestrian Car Accidents 

Pedestrian safety is a crucial concern in any community, and Chula Vista, California, is no exception. The occurrence of car accidents involving pedestrians poses a significant risk to the well-being and lives of individuals walking, in parking lots, or crossing the streets.

Pedestrian-car accidents can have devastating consequences, resulting in severe injuries or fatalities. Several factors contribute to the occurrence of these accidents in Chula Vista:

  1. High Traffic Volume and Urban Environment: Chula Vista is a bustling city with a high volume of vehicular traffic, particularly in urban areas. The presence of numerous cars, combined with heavy pedestrian activity, increases the likelihood of accidents due to the close proximity and potential conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians.
  2. Distracted Driving: Distracted driving remains a significant concern on roads nationwide, including Chula Vista. Drivers engaged in activities such as using mobile devices, eating, or attending to in-vehicle technology are less attentive to their surroundings, compromising pedestrian safety. Educating drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and enforcing strict penalties for such behaviors can help mitigate the risks.
  3. Failure to Yield: Pedestrians have the right-of-way in designated crosswalks, yet many drivers fail to yield appropriately. This failure to yield, whether due to inattention, impatience, or a lack of awareness, increases the chances of pedestrian-car accidents. Education campaigns emphasizing the importance of yielding to pedestrians and increased law enforcement efforts can help address this issue.
  4. Speeding and Reckless Driving: Excessive speed and reckless driving significantly heightens the risks for pedestrians. Speeding reduces a driver’s reaction time and makes it more challenging to stop in time to avoid a collision. Implementing traffic calming measures, such as speed humps, increased police presence, and automated speed enforcement systems, can help deter speeding and reckless driving behaviors.

Pedestrian safety in public spaces, roads, and legal crosswalks needs to be taken seriously by all involved or operating a vehicle. The legal complexities involved in pedestrian car accidents are difficult to navigate without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Pedestrian-car accidents present significant legal complexities, including liability determination, comparative negligence, insurance coverage considerations, and legal deadlines. Victims and their families should seek the assistance of personal injury attorneys who specialize in pedestrian accidents.

“My hope is that the family of the child fatally struck in this incident are justly compensated for the lifelong trauma, serious out-of-pocket medical expenses, as well as the cost of the funeral. They need professional legal assistance to figure out this situation,” added Mr. Singleton. “My thoughts and prayers are with the child’s family.”

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