A Las Vegas jury awarded $160 million to a New York City hedge fund manager who sued The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Roof Deck Entertainment LLC as well as the manager of the club and security guards who worked there.

The man filed a lawsuit claiming that in April of 2012 he was attacked by a manager and security officers at the Marquee nightclub. He was managing a $1 billion hedge fund and earned roughly $11 million a year in his job, but due to his injuries he claimed he was no longer able to perform his duties.

The lawsuit claimed security officers forced the man into a security room and demanded his ID and credit card after he’d already paid a $10,000 bill.

The man’s attorney, Paul Padda, wrote in the complaint that Marquee staff and mangers shoved the man to the ground and caused his head to hit the concrete surface forcefully. The suit went on to claim the man’s head was repeatedly hit by the security and manager and his head was smashed into the concrete. They then mocked and questioned him and he feared for his life.

The man was later taken to Desert Springs Hospital for his injuries where he was diagnosed with a concussion, a bruised right eye, head swelling, sore arms, knees and neck. The complaint alleges he has difficulty walking and concentrating, endures headaches, anxiety and was diagnosed by a neurosurgeon with a traumatic brain injury.

His fund was ultimately shut down and he has been unable to get work.

After this incident, another couple attending an insurance convention was attacked by security staff at the Marquee club and they also filed a lawsuit.

It was a five-week trial where the defense attorneys claimed the man actually attacked the staff first and did not suffer any brain injuries during this altercation.