The Fearless Advocate Attorney Profile Service

online attorney profileWhen a potential client, opposing counsel, or even jury member, (we know they do it), does a Google search of your name we can help provide presence with a professionally written profile. One of the ways to help you stand out is a professionally written attorney profile on The Fearless Advocate. We’re not talking about a standardized, basic profile on a legal directory; we’re talking about an in-depth profile on you, your history in the law, your career, important cases, verdicts & settlements and other relevant information.

Perception is everything when someone searches your name.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Contact Joe Marchelewski at jmarchelewski[at] to get more information (Joe and The Fearless Advocate have a collaborative relationship).
  • If you proceed, Joe will interview you and collaborate with you personally on a fully custom, well-researched legal profile.
  • Upon approval, the profile will be published and we will then get it indexed on search engines.
  • If there are subsequent minor edits in the future, we will happily make those changes at that time.

Joe Marchelewski’s ExperienceJoe Marchelewski

Joe owns “AIJ Communications”, a Public Relations firm, and has nearly 20 years of experience in PR and media relations. He has worked with countless law firms and individual attorneys throughout the US on a wide variety of circumstances, articles and stories that have been published locally and nationally. You can read more about Joe Marchelewski and profiles he’s written here.

Attorney Profile Samples

Here are some examples of profiles we’ve published for lawyers: